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Mathieu de Lophem, CEO of Skipr

Alumni Mathieu de Lophem, CEO of Skipr, reveals why his Deloitte relationships are his strongest, why cars can be part of the mobility solution but not the default, and how the Skipr mobile app is akin to having a co-pilot you can trust.

You started your career as a consultant at Deloitte. What initially attracted you to join the firm?

I joined Deloitte in 2007 after studying commercial engineering. Two things attracted me from the start. Firstly, the people I met and friends I knew who already worked there. Secondly, I chose to work in consultancy because I knew I would discover many different industries and sectors quickly. I was particularly keen on their learning curve, the network and the atmosphere.

Tell us about your role and your time with Deloitte.

During my three years at Deloitte which began in 2007, I moved from Business Analyst to Consultant in the CFO consulting department. I worked on a bit of everything including a few missions at the European Commission and Euroclear. It was interesting, as I experienced a variety of industries. 

With Skipr, I realised I had a solution to help people make more sustainable travel choices, save money and solve traffic jams. In short, bring smart mobility to employees.

What made you proud to work at the firm?

Over the past six companies I joined, Deloitte is where I kept most of my relationships with ex-colleagues and former bosses. This speaks to its strong alumni network. Also, I really liked the fact that Deloitte ‘walks its talk’. During the tough economic times of 2010, no one was laid off. There was always a very strong sense of solidarity and security towards younger team members by partners reassuring us that they got our back. This fact alone created a bond that will never break.

I remember when I returned from home after my first day at Deloitte with my new computer, new car and new phone. I thought I would change the world from that day forward.

Tell us about your career path since you left Deloitte and how your focus shifted to sustainability.

After leaving Deloitte in 2010, I worked in investment banking and private equity. Then Deliveroo asked me to set up its business in Belgium as General Manager and eventually manage Benelux. When Lab Box approached me to be CEO of Skipr in 2019, I jumped at the opportunity because I’m convinced that we have to change how we consume and behave, and that mobility is key.

You are now the co-founder and CEO of Skipr. What inspired you to bring smarter mobility to employees?

I realised I have a solution to help people behave more sustainably, that saves money and may solve traffic jams. Owning a car isn’t financially viable because it’s the second biggest family spend but used only 5% of the time. Not to mention that traffic jams cost the state €4 billion to €8 billion a year. If you reduce cars by 10%, you solve 40% of traffic jams. Plus, traffic jams are annoying.

Deloitte is one of the most progressive companies we've spoken to with regards to the various pillars it has put in place including its standardisation of cars and the electrification of its Minis.

What are some of the biggest professional challenges you're facing, especially in terms of changing mobility behaviour?

Change always brings complexity. For people to embrace change, they must be reassured, comforted and given incentives. That’s why we offer a service including kickoffs and education sessions, all to trigger change. When people use it, they reuse it because they realise the benefits.

Plan, book, pay and manage mobility

Skipr is an all-in-one service helping companies create plans to help employees change mobility behaviour. It includes a multimodal travel app indicating the fastest, cheapest and most sustainable way to go from A to B, a payment card and a management system.

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