Deloitte Booster Programme 1.0

Meet the laureates

Supporting innovation is crucial to our firm. This was one of the reasons to create the Deloitte Innovation Centre Booster Programme. In 2016 we were able to celebrate the first 11 Booster programme laureates. Have a look at who these companies are and read some of their impressions of the programme.


Domobios is a spin-off research and development company of the Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve (UCL) and the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). Their principal activity is the development and sale of ecological products aimed at eradicating domestic pests.


GuardSquare develops advanced security solutions for the protection of Android and iOS applications against reverse engineering and hacking.

Heidi Rakels, CEO and Co-Founder Guardsquare:
“There are many programmes to help start-ups but this one is very practical, Deloitte is solving young companies’ problems.”


Nallian is a cloud-based data sharing platform that helps communities of business partners to become high-performance clusters.


Proxyclick’s mission is to transform how visitors to offices are welcomed around the world through a web-based software.


Smappee develops innovative and accessible monitoring systems for households and small businesses in the area of sustainable energy consumption


Xpenditure is a ground-breaking cloud based expense management platform that takes away the pains & costs related to managing daily expenses.

Sebastiaan Vanhecke, VP Product, Xpenditure:
“They were not only consulting us but helping us move forward, their knowledge combined with ours really helped us grow.”


UBench International runs an innovative internet platform for the automotive service market. It has developed a new vision on the total car life cycle management or the realisation of a lower ‘cost of ownership’ combined with enhanced of the mobility service.


Tracking made easy. Sensolus builds products for offline analytics, based on existing Internet of Things technologies. The company won the innovator of the year award in 2014 from European Space Agency.


Ontoforce is a technology company that creates and implements pioneering technology for information flow and discovery. At the heart of their ground-breaking work is disQover, a user friendly data search platform.

Peter Verrykt, CIO & Partner, Ontoforce:
“We have just created our US office and we really see an uptake in pharma companies engaging with our platform”


Teamleader is an online application that unifies CRM, project planning and invoicing in a simple and intelligent tool - helping small businesses work smarter.

Katrien De Clerck, COO, Teamleader:
“We opened a lot of offices in European countries, Deloitte put us in touch with their local colleagues and helped us with market research.”


Cloud application for automated DNA (PCR) testing: UgenTec provides software to automatically analyze PCR results that attracts a lot of interest from global pharmaceutical companies.

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