The client perspective

Understanding the client perspective is crucial for us to serve our clients well

When it comes to our clients, Deloitte’s aim is to make an impact and enable their success. We do this by building a long-term relationship with a client, focusing on what really matters to them, and taking a distinctive approach to doing business.

Our multidisciplinary approach

At Deloitte we recognise that having a clear understanding of what really matters to clients, understanding their business and industry challenges, is key to proactively bringing insights and thought-leadership to our clients. Olivier de Groote, Deloitte Belgium’s Managing Partner Clients & Markets, is a strong advocate of building and maintaining great relationships with our clients to ensure we actively contribute to their success.

Our multidisciplinary approach enables our professionals to take a 360˚ view of the critical issues facing our clients and bring something unique to each and every one of them.

Below, a word from some of our clients, talking about their experience of the Deloitte relationship.

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“The advice offered by Deloitte makes the difference in the marketplace. At essencia we always feel that we can count on Deloitte to help us with critical issues our industry is facing, but also in investing in initiatives that matter to our members and to the broader community.”



Yves Verschueren, Managing Director essencia



Febelfin, the Belgian Financial Sector Federation, represents 268 financial institutions established in Belgium. They include banks, credit providers, asset and fund managers, stockbrokers and leasing companies. Together they provide more than 200,000 direct and indirect jobs in the country.

Deloitte has been active in serving the banking industry for many years and has observed the turmoil that the sector has gone through. As an external partner Deloitte plays an important role by bringing perspective and objectivity to the process of re-instilling public confidence in the banking sector.

Deloitte combines deep industry expertise, insights, and a global view, while also being a competent third party voice, ensuring perspective and adding both credibility and neutrality to deliver value to Febelfin and our entire client base. 

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Introducing Filip Dierckx

Filip Dierckx (BNP Paribas Fortis) is Chairman of Febelfin, the Belgian Financial Sector Federation which represents 272 members. It aims to reconcile their interests with those of the policy makers, supervisors, trade associations and pressure groups at the national and European level. Febelfin defends the interests of all its members: large, small and medium-sized banks, niche players, providers of infrastructure, etc.


“Our members need a partner who understands the sector through and through and is able to integrate all dimensions of the business problems they are facing.”



Filip Dierckx, Febelfin Chairman



Transformation enabler

Solvay, one of the flagships of the Belgian economy, underwent a radical transformation during the past five years. Before even knowing the extent of the changes that created a “new Solvay”, the group decided to transform its Finance department and a good proportion of its administrative services so that it could anticipate rather than endure. Solvay recognised that not acting immediately would risk putting off the changes for another 10 years, which would have been much too late to achieve gains in efficiency.

Deloitte closely followed up the introduction of the first shared service in Portugal, in particular making recommendations on Solvay’s internal auditing tools. Over the course of a year, teams from Deloitte Belgium worked on site to facilitate a gradual, smooth transition between Solvay’s Belgian managers in Portugal and new local teams.

The value of closer collaboration between the Finance department and general management has been understood by Solvay. Today, the Finance department takes up more important roles than before, providing tools and reporting that contribute towards making sound, strategic decisions.

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Introducing Bernard de Laguiche

Bernard de Laguiche is a former CFO of Solvay Group and remains a member of the Solvay board of directors. During his tenure, he was heavily involved in the sale of Solvay’s pharmaceutical division and its subsequent acquisition and integration of Rhodia. He was awarded ‘CFO of the Year 2013’ by the Trends magazine. Deloitte’s relationship with Solvay goes back twelve years, and Deloitte began working with Mr. de Laguiche from when he became CFO.

“Transforming our organisation to this extent would not have been possible without the very strong relationship of trust with Deloitte that has been in place for over 12 years now.”


Bernard de Laguiche, former CFO of Solvay Group and current member of Solvay’s board of directors

Fost Plus

Building on the Fost Plus success story

Non-profit organisation Fost Plus was launched to address the Packaging Directive passed by the European Parliament in 1994. The aim was to encourage industry to manage its packaging waste in a better way, especially used packaging. Today 5,300 Belgian companies are affiliated with Fost Plus.

Unique in Europe, Fost Plus has become a role model for the rest of the world as they consistently achieve the legal target of recovering and reusing or incinerating for energy a minimum of 90% of packaging materials. Deloitte has made a significant contribution to this success.

Deloitte currently provides 24/7 support for selected functions of the IT department bringing value to the management of Fost Plus’ most precious resource, their information. Regular audits place the activities of Fost Plus under the microscope making the organisation, and its people, better and stronger. The same applies to accounts as an in-house Deloitte staffer ensures the proper assistance and follow-up on the figures. 

Deloitte’s biggest added value lies in data analytics: based on the data gathered, Deloitte can give greater insight to Fost Plus on how to approach things operationally and where to make improvements. The lesson in the facts and figures can be strategically crucial.

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Introducing Kurt Tierens

Kurt Tierens is CFO and CIO at Fost Plus, a privately held Belgian not-for-profit association founded, run, financed and controlled by the obliged companies and accredited by the Interregional Packaging Commission. Fost Plus is founded on the concept of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) whereby the obliged companies take responsibility for the end-of-life management of the products they put on the market. Belgium holds a leading position for the recycling of household packaging waste in comparison to other European countries, and the Belgian model is increasingly seen as a reference, both in Europe but also further afield.

“Deloitte’s expertise helps us make progress efficiently and to anticipate things, instead of being overtaken by the facts. Or to explain it with a picture: Deloitte helps us visualise what we can’t see with the naked eye.”


Kurt Tierens, CFO and CIO Fost Plus

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