Data analytics is done from the core

Tomorrow is Today

Organisations are swamped with data. Big data is a competitive advantage, provided it is analysed efficiently.

Retrieving value from data is done from the core, not from the sideline.

Because of the increasing digitisation of society, companies are sitting on a mountain of data. Computers are becoming more powerful, and thanks to smart algorithms they are able to process large quantities of data very quickly. ”Data analytics is about retrieving value out of data,“ says Jo Coutuer, Partner Deloitte Belgium. ”It gives you a better insight into your customers' behaviour or preferences.“

Ultimately, data analytics results in customised and better services. Or even completely new products and services, which would have been impossible without these techniques and ways of thinking. The mix of digitisation, big data and powerful computers creates new practices, applications and forms of operation. Deloitte wishes to underline the importance of this via the ‘Tomorrow is Today’ campaign.

Data analytics in the soul

”Organisations that embrace this cocktail are able to increase their efficiency and even develop new business models,” says Coutuer. ”Data analytics has to be in the soul of your company. Retrieving value from data is done from the core, not from the sideline. It is not a gimmick, nor is it science fiction. Data analytics is performed behind the scenes of everyday applications, without the user even noticing.“

The rise of cognitive super computers such as IBM's Watson elevates data analytics to a higher level. This allows ‘plain language’ and (in the long term) images - good for eighty percent of all available data - to be analysed and understood, which opens up amazing opportunities for new services and products. ”Watson is creating a new partnership between people and computers that enhances, scales and accelerates human expertise,” summarises Dr. Cameron Brooks of IBM.

Data analytics has to be in the soul of your company.

Support of tasks

These cognitive super computers are already used to support call centres, but in the long term they will also offer a major added value to lawyers and police detectives. “A cognitive computer such as Watson will never be able to take the place of a person,” predicts Jo Coutuer.” But thanks to pattern recognition, it can take over a lot of non-routine tasks.“

Trends (12/3)

Data analytics doe je vanuit de kern, niet vanaf de zijlijn

Door de toenemende digitalisering van onze maatschappij worden organisaties vandaag overspoeld met big data. Die bieden een concurrentieel voordeel, op voorwaarde dat ze doeltreffend geanalyseerd worden.

Published: 12 March 2015

Tendances (12/3)

L'analytique de données part du centre, pas de la périphérie

Du fait de la numérisation croissante de notre société, les organisations sont aujourd'hui submergées de big data. Celles-ci procurent un avantage concurrentiel à condi-tion qu'elles soient analysées de manière ciblée.

Published: 12 March 2015
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