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Deloitte Belgium continues to invest in innovation and talent

Deloitte Belgium’s increase in turnover of 3 per cent, to 370 million euro for fiscal year 2014, confirms its market leadership.

Brussels, 21 October 2014 – Deloitte Belgium’s increase in turnover of 3 per cent, to 370 million euro for fiscal year 2014, confirms its market leadership. “Sustainable growth is crucial for the success of our business model,” stated CEO Rik Vanpeteghem. “That’s why we are constantly investing in our people and innovation programmes. Being strongly established locally and having extensive sector expertise enables us to offer companies professional advice within their own specific sector and region.”

Deloitte places innovation in the spotlight, continuing to build on its long tradition of initiatives to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. “The Deloitte Foundation, Deloitte University and the Deloitte Fast50 are just a few of our wide range of initiatives,” said Rik Vanpeteghem, CEO of Deloitte Belgium.

Deloitte Innovation Centre
The launch of the Deloitte Innovation Centre earlier this year in Leuven emphasises Deloitte’s ongoing commitment to building a strong Belgian economy and community. In fact, the ultimate goal of the Centre is to stimulate the Belgian economy through entrepreneurship and innovation. In doing so, the firm focuses on providing guidance to young companies operating in the technology sector, in analytics, digital solutions, cyber security and mobility. On 20 October, Deloitte launched another Innovation Centre, this time in the French-speaking part of the country in Louvain-la-Neuve.

Talent and growth go hand in hand
When it comes to talent, innovation continues to play an increasingly important role. Deloitte is constantly investing in the training and development of its employees, which is vital to the organisation’s long-term growth prospects. During the fiscal year 2014, 63,000 employees of 81 different nationalities worldwide attended education and coaching programmes at the three Deloitte universities. In addition to the Deloitte universities already established in the United States (DU) and India (DU India, in Hyderabad), at the end of 2013, the organisation successfully launched Deloitte University EMEA in Brussels. Worldwide in fiscal year 2014, the number of employees rose by 3.7% to 210,400. In Belgium, the firm employs 2,900 people. During the coming fiscal year, Deloitte Belgium plans to hire another 585 new recruits, of whom approximately half will be in their first job.

At the end of fiscal year 2014, Deloitte Belgium also announced the appointment of nine new partners. They are responsible for providing our clients with top-quality service. The new Deloitte partners are: Joris Bulens (AERS); Hans Govaert (Accountancy); Omer Saka (LSHC); Hilde van de Velde (Consulting); Diederiek van der Sijpe (AERS), Franky Hillen (Accountancy); Sam Sluismans (AERS & Accountancy); Jan Goemaere (Accountancy) and Charles Carlier (Tax & Legal).

Growth made possible thanks to establishing the right scope and scale…
Deloitte’s positive results are attributable to a large extent to the in-depth expertise that the firm offers its clients, both locally and internationally. This type of expertise can only be obtained by setting the right scope and achieving the appropriate scale.
The firm also continues to invest in expanding its expertise. The recent arrival of Luc Beirens – former head of the Computer Crime Unit at the Federal Police – in the Deloitte Cyber leadership team is a perfect example of this. Another illustration is the acquisition of Vision, which specialises in developing talent for companies. Deloitte has incorporated Vision’s 33 consultants into its existing structure and offers a comprehensive range package of HR, training and management services. Deloitte is also diversifying into other areas. For example, the company is still taking full advantage of the digital revolution, geopolitical changes and general economic reality by offering a range of innovative services in the areas of data analytics, cybercrime and digital solutions.

Rik Vanpeteghem: “Sustainable growth is crucial for the success of our business model, because it allows us to invest in what is important for us: our people, operational excellence and innovation – all of which benefit our clients and the company.”

Thanks to local expertise…
“In addition to technical expertise, specific know-how in every sector is vital today,” says Rik Vanpeteghem, CEO of Deloitte Belgium. “If companies want to be able to face up to the economic challenges of tomorrow, they will need advisers who understand the dynamics of any business environment, both locally and worldwide.”

As a result of its sector-specific knowledge and advice, Deloitte has achieved a number of particular successes in sectors that are important for the Belgian economy. For example, turnover in the pharmaceuticals sector rose by 36 per cent, while in real estate, Deloitte recorded an increase of 17 per cent.

And its local base
Deloitte also attributes its positive results to the firm’s strong local base and its focus on SMEs. Belgium has almost one million SMEs, which means they are essential for the economy. “Through our regional offices we are able to adapt our international expertise and innovative services perfectly to the needs of Belgian SMEs,” says Mr Vanpeteghem.

Deloitte worldwide
Worldwide, Deloitte also achieved a 6.5 per cent rise in turnover during fiscal year 2014. The Deloitte member firms in the United States, Latin America and Brazil performed particularly well, with a combined increase of 7.5 per cent. Deloitte EMEA and Deloitte Asia Pacific also performed well last year, seeing their turnover grow by 5.8 and 4.9 per cent respectively.

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