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Deloitte Belgium launches Innovation Fund to support 3 Belgian start-ups in 2017

New innovation initiative complements existing programmes

Deloitte Belgium launches its Innovation Fund to underline the company’s commitment to promote innovation by empowering young companies in the technology scene at different phases of maturity. In today’s volatile global marketplace, innovation can often be the key differentiator when seeking to become a true champion. Building on complementary innovation initiatives such as the Booster Programme and Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50, Deloitte plans to invest in 3 promising start-ups in 2017.

Brussels – 29 June, 2017

Piet Vandendriessche, CEO Deloitte Belgium: “Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50, the Booster Programme and the Innovation Fund confirm Deloitte’s commitment to stimulate the Belgian economy through promoting innovation, new business models and disruptive technologies. These programmes support Belgian businesses in different stages of their lifecycle, from start-up to scale-up, to maturity.”

Deloitte Innovation Fund to be launched on 29 June, 2017

Deloitte Belgium will invest in upcoming businesses and entrepreneurship by offering start-ups the opportunity to further develop their businesses through capital injections, thus stimulating the Belgian economy. These are start-ups operating in the sectors of information technology, analytics, digital and cyber, but also internal Deloitte spin-offs. They will enter collaboration agreements with Deloitte to jointly develop the market and their product or service.

The organisations that will carefully be selected for investment will have proven to shape disruption for strategic advantage. Guido Vandervorst, Innovation Leader, Deloitte Belgium: “A significant investment amount has been determined to be used in the next 3-5 years with the objective to create a win-win situation: by investing in innovation we establish new markets and new ways of delivering service.”

The Deloitte Innovation Fund will build on the power of Deloitte’s existing incubator and accelerator programmes and work together with them to foster innovation in Belgium. For more information on the programme, companies can go to

A key initiative to support the Belgian start-up community

Deloitte Belgium creates the Innovation Fund next to other initiatives to help boost the Belgian start-up community. For example, Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 is an annual ranking of the 50 fastest-growing technology companies in Belgium based on revenue growth over the last four years. Through this programme Deloitte encourages and promotes entrepreneurial, fast-growing technology companies by celebrating their achievements, giving them access to Fast 50’s unique network of highly successful entrepreneurs, and opening doors to new opportunities, collaborations and partnerships.

In 2016, registrations for the Fast 50 programme were up 57% on the year before, an incredible 72 companies entered the race for the coveted Rising Star title, and Belgium was one of the top 10 contributors to the Technology Fast 500 (EMEA region) ranking with 22 companies included.

Nikolaas Tahon, Programme Leader Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50, Deloitte Belgium: “Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 is the annual celebration of Belgian fast-growing technology companies and one of Deloitte’s most exciting initiatives. It provides the winners with a unique opportunity to gain visibility that helps them to connect with new investors, suppliers, partners and workforce talent.”

The event takes place on 14 November at The Egg in Brussels. For more information or to register for the competition, companies can go to

Next to the Technology Fast 50, Deloitte will open its Booster Programme 2.0 for young companies as of June. After a successful first edition, selected young technology companies active in analytics, digital, cyber security and internet of things solutions will receive 50 days of free Deloitte support, access to the extended Deloitte network and mentoring by Deloitte executives.

With its access to local and global networks, Deloitte Belgium is uniquely positioned to bring high potential scale-ups to the next level.

“The Booster Programme is bringing Belgian scale-ups in the technology scene to the Champions League,” said Guido Vandervorst. “Deloitte will help them shape their strategy and business model, expand their network and validate their technology in the market.”

For more information or to apply to the programme, companies can go to

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