About the Deloitte Innovation Centre

Bringing scale-ups to the Champions League

In today’s volatile global marketplace, innovation can often be the key differentiator when seeking to become a true champion. Open Innovation is also a necessary enabler to increase value in the process. Today’s companies must look at where protecting intellectual property makes a difference, but also recognise that by working together far more can be achieved.

This is why Deloitte has established the Deloitte Innovation Centre. The Centre is focusing on young companies in the technology scene, active in analytics, digital, cyber security and Internet of Things.

Mission statement

  • We believe that harnessing innovation by supporting of start-ups is a critical factor for the survival of the Belgian economy.
  • Getting an idea to the market quickly is very important so we want to help start-ups with this “acceleration process”
  • Through its access to local and global networks Deloitte is uniquely positioned to help stimulate innovation in Belgium. We have relationships with many of the key players in Belgium around technology and innovation.
  • Through the Deloitte Innovation Centre, we can offer technology start-ups the support they need to accelerate to the next level in maturity


The Deloitte Innovation Centre has many goals:  

  • Stimulate the Belgian economy by supporting start-ups active in new and growing technologies (eg. mobility).
  • Boost high-potential start-ups through Deloitte's support and intellectual capital. 
  • Promote open innovation by opening up our network and facilitating the go-to-market process of start-ups in a Deloitte-protected environment.
  • Build on the power of the existing incubator and accelerator programmes and work together to foster innovation in Belgium.
  • Market technology predictions in selected business sectors.
  • Develop lifetime client relationships.
  • Help grow start-ups into trusted advisors.

Booster Programme

The Deloitte Innovation Centre will focus on young companies in the technology scene, active in:

  • Analytics
  • Digital
  • Cyber security
  • Internet of Things

Nurturing Innovation initiatives

High potential companies

  • 2-year support programme
  • 25 man-days per year top level Deloitte services and strategic support: 

    - Accounting support, tax & legal advice

    - Setting up an (international) sales network

    - Support in fundraising, local and global

    - Etc.

  • Access to our (premium) Belgian and global clients
  • Access to our global network of Deloitte member firms
  • C-level business coaching & mentoring
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