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A place for current Deloitte leaders to inspire and develop the next generation

As part of our commitment to learning, which is a distinctive element of our talent experience, Deloitte Belgium is excited to be part of a new Deloitte initiative, the Deloitte University EMEA. The DU EMEA curriculum will deliver cutting-edge learning that will develop the next generation of international business leaders and advisers.

Deloitte University EMEA, launched in December 2013, offers a curriculum of leadership and business skills training developed by and for Deloitte member firms across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The trainings will be conducted by some of our senior leaders and will provide our people with the essential tools necessary to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our profession. They will also provide a unique opportunity to network and build strong relationships within our firm.

In choosing a venue to be the “home” of DU EMEA, Dolce La Hulpe on the outskirts of Brussels provided an excellent and inspirational setting for the innovative DUE programmes. The accessibility of Brussels by air and public transportation, particularly international high-speed rail, made this cosmopolitan city with a variety of cultures, styles and nationalities the ideal location for this innovative initiative. 


"Deloitte University EMEA is a place for current Deloitte leaders to inspire and develop the next generation."


Jorrit Volkers, Dean, DU EMEA

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