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Business performance & outlook

For FY15, we started the year with a budget aiming for 5% growth - from our highest -ever revenues of 370M in FY14 to 387M EUR. The final results for FY15 ended up even better than originally anticipated, at 390M EUR. The 5% growth in revenue results from a mix of increased head count and improved productivity, plus an acquisition that was not included in the original budget.


For FY16, we aim to achieve
a growth rate of 5% to €409 million.



Net revenue
(in millions of EUR)
FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13
Accountancy 59 63 67 76 77 77
Audit & ERS 83 84 89 92 97 100
Consulting 56 63 69 76 78 84
FAS 7 9 10 11 11 13
Tax 90 97 99 104 107 116
Total 295 316 334 359 370 390


Growth and talent go hand in hand
Deloitte is constantly investing in the training and development of its employees, which is vital to the organisation’s long-term growth prospects. During fiscal year 2016 the Belgian firm has planned to hire over 600 new recruits, of whom approximately half will be in their first job.

The global picture

Deloitte reported aggregate network revenue of US$36.8 billion for the fiscal year ended 31 May 2016 (FY2016), representing 9.5 percent growth in local currency terms.

It increased its global workforce in all geographic regions and businesses. Headcount grew by 8.5 percent, the highest increase of the last three years. Deloitte hired nearly 72,000 new professionals during the last fiscal year and has a total global workforce of 244,400.

FY16 Global Revenue Infographic

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