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Achieve your goals with these wellbeing tips.

At Deloitte we place great importance in wellbeing. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy, especially when you work in a fast-paced environment, which is why we launched Energise@Deloitte, our internal wellbeing programme. Designed to give our people access to a wide range of activities, such as major sports events and yoga workshops, and provide training, nutrition and health advice, Energise@Deloitte also offers a fun way for our people to connect, build team spirit and find a balance. To help you prepare for exam success, we are delighted to share some of our top tips to prevent stress, achieve goals and improve concentration.

Combat stress

To improve your stress resilience:

  • Find the time to relax – take a break and have a bath, listen to music or go for a walk, whatever helps you refocus and feel energised.
  • Develop a good sleeping pattern – try to go to sleep at the same time and sleep the same number of hours every night.
  • Maintain healthy eating habits – make sure that you eat enough, have three light meals a day and regular light snacks such as yoghurt or a piece of fruit.
  • Enjoy regular exercise – even a simple 20-minute walk can clear the mind and reduce stress. And the same stretching exercises that help relax your muscles after a hard workout will help relax your mind as well.


Increase concentration

Concentrating while studying can be hard, so:

  • Choose an appropriate environment – it is a good idea to eliminate distractions as much as possible, so you can concentrate on what's in front of you.
  • Gather all of your studying materials – keep things like notes, textbooks, study guides, highlighters, water or anything else you might need close so you can concentrate.
  • Unplug from technology – turn off any electronics that you don't need, especially mobile phones and music listening devices.
  • Stick to a routine – make a schedule and stick to it. Studying will become a habit, making you more likely to follow through on study plans.


Improve ergonomics

While sitting at your computer studying, remember to:

  • Give your eyes a rest – focus on an object at a distance for a few minutes to give your eyes a break.
  • Pay attention to your posture – generally, correct posture means having your legs and elbows at 90 degrees, your back straight and supported, and your feet flat on the floor.
  • Get up and move around – don’t sit for too long in any one place. Put on some music and dance for 10 minutes, do some stretching, go for a 20-minute walk, or go chat with a friend.


Boost your brainpower

What you eat and drink makes a great difference, so:

  • Choose nutritious foods – especially those that have been proven to aid concentration and memory like fish, nuts, seeds, yogurt and blueberries.
  • Eat a good meal before the exam – choose foods that will provide a slow release of energy throughout.
  • Avoid sugar – your energy levels will crash an hour or so later.
  • Keep drinking plenty of water – being well hydrated is essential for your brain to work at its best.


Good luck!

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