Internet security is everyone's responsibility

Tomorrow is Today

It takes a while to fine-tune the safety aspects of major innovations. For instance, there was a fifty year lapse between the first affordable car and the standard safety belt. Cybersecurity is also evolving slowly and it’s now high time for rules of conduct - and safety belts – for the internet.

You can do great things with the internet,
but you're not going to entrust your biggest secrets to this media.

Chris Verdonck, Cyber Leader at Deloitte

Prudence is called for

“When the internet is used, just like when you’re in traffic, a level of prudence is called for,” says Verdonck. “You have to be careful with data and this awareness should start at school,” believes Eddy Van de Velde, headmaster of Sint-Jan Berchmanscollege in Brussels. His school organises sessions where students are introduced to ICT and its many different opportunities. “But we also teach them to be critical,” says Van de Velde.

You have to be careful with data and this awareness should start at school.

New skills

“The more important IT networks and online applications become, the more we need to heed cyber-criminality”, agrees Bart Van den Bosch, IT Director of UZ Leuven (University Hospitals Leuven). The UZ switched to electronic patient records and has had to install security measures. It is by far not the only company that has to exercise caution with its own data. Jonah Thys and David van der Laan, commercial engineer students in policy IT, created a model for their thesis that checks the level of risk a company, a sector or a specific employee runs. “For individual employees we find out which specific training package is required,” says David van der Laan. “These new technologies also require new skills,” concludes Verdonck, “We had to learn to drive a car, didn't we? We now have to do the same with social media and other new technologies.”

De Standaard

Veilig op het web, dat kan iedereen

Bij grote innovaties duurt het even voordat de veiligheid ervan op punt staat. Zo ligt er vijftig jaar tussen de eerste betaalbare auto en de standaard veiligheidsgordel. Ook cybersecurity evolueert gestaag.

Published: 13 March 2015
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