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This is a great, yet challenging, time to be in HR. The way we work has changed, talent demands are evolving, and sustainability is top of mind. In this podcast series with ZigZagHR, our subject-matter experts share their insights into key topics for HR professionals.

#9 The learning technology ecosystem

Wouter Maenhout and Jeroen Pladijs share insights into the most important learning technology trends and provide concrete tips on how to set up a learning ecosystem in your organisation.

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#8 AI and analytics will make learning human

To enable people to learn on the job more efficiently, effectively, and more tailored to their needs, you need AI. Frederiek Van Tornout and Elias Corneille shed light on how to learn in the flow of work.

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#7 Personalised digital learning

Making learning more available is essential, but it also needs to be marketed right. Jeroen Van Eeghem and Lieselotte Van Tieghem share how to empower your people and, consequently, your organisation.

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#6 Re-architecting work

Thomas Pensaert, Deloitte senior manager, shares why it is time to rethink the importance of work in the future of work, and how, if done right, work is the key to productivity and bottom-line results.

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#5 New expat regime

Belgium’s special tax regime for foreign executives and specialists has been updated. Piet Verswijver, Deloitte partner Tax & Legal, shares what impact this will have on organisations across the country.

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#4 The Future of Talent Acquisition

The labour market is not only changing, but it is also characterised by an extreme shortage. Els D’hauwer, Deloitte partner Talent Acquisition, and Debbie Vanhoof, Deloitte senior manager HR Outsourcing, shed light on the trends and opportunities.

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#3 Flexibility and working time rules

Stijn Demeestere, Partner Deloitte Legal, addresses the challenges of implementing flexibility in the workplace with rigid working hour regulations in place, and highlights solutions that will benefit all.

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#2 Global mobility

Remote working in a cross border context, today and tomorrow, and global mobility as a lever for talent development are the topics explored by Koen Beckers, Deloitte partner Tax & Legal.

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#1 Corporate mobility

Timothy Bruneel, Deloitte partner Global Employer Services, shares his insights into the trends driving change, the role of corporate mobility, and the need for a new deal for mobility in Belgium.

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