Mobile e-shop competes with physical shop

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Classic shops have a serious competitor, i.e. webstores. Considering the steady rise of purchases made on mobile devices, they need to innovate to withhold the pressure.

“Customers now expect a choice of purchase channel.”

Vincent Fosty, Deloitte Consulting

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly important for e-commerce, says Vincent Fosty, Partner and Digital leader of Consultancy firm Deloitte: “In neighbouring countries half of all e-commerce is on mobile devices.”

However, that doesn't mean we don't like going to physical shops anymore. “Customers now expect a choice of purchase channels” says Vincent Fosty, “a retailer has to be an 'omni-channel' in other words.”

No more queues

A trend bringing these different channels together is the so-called click & collect. You fill your shopping basket online and collect your purchases at a pick-up point. Deloitte predicts that the number of click & collect points in Europe will increase to half a million locations this year. Supermarkets make a click & collect point for their own products, but increasingly you will also find a Kiala collection point here. “This is handy for customers,” explains Fosty, “you go shopping and at the same time are able to pick up a package you bought online.”

Virtual high street

People who shop a lot online, at different shops, are often at home waiting for the courier. To provide a solution to this, bpost launched ‘combined shopping’ last year. “Every working day bpost visits all the front doors in the country,” says Ann Van Dessel, Shop & Deliver business unit director at bpost. The postal service is now working on a combo, a kind of online high street, where you can visit several e-shops. Your purchases are then grouped together and delivered to your home. That way you no longer have to rely on the delivery schedule of different shops.

You no longer have to rely on the delivery schedule of different shops

De Standaard (16/3)

Het nieuwe winkelen

Online winkelen is aan een stevige opmars bezig in ons land. Dat heeft niet alleen gevolgen voor consumenten, het betekent ook dat de fysieke winkels een antwoord moeten vinden op de groeiende concurrentie.

Published: 16 March 2015
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