Red Cross and Deloitte

The partnership that helps save lives

Helping the Red Cross to ride the wave of disruption– Exponential technologies impact on business today as both a driver and disrupter. Deloitte’s role is to design solutions that give clients the courage to embrace the extraordinary opportunities on offer.

The business intelligence infrastructure Deloitte put in place at Red Cross, our client for over 20 years, does just that. The new technologies harness the Red Cross’ rich data to add value and facilitate their crucial work to ensure an ample and safe supply of blood. Watch Red Cross CEO Philippe Vandekerckhove explain how our partnership uses data to save lives

Red Cross

“The mission of the Red Cross is to help vulnerable people. The more efficiently we can do this and the more effective our interventions are, the more people we can help.”

Prof. Dr. Philippe Vandekerckhove, CEO Belgian Red Cross Flanders

Insights that bring value

The Red Cross is involved in paramedical activities, blood banking, reception of asylum seekers, and international aid. To ensure that it works at a good professional level while covering so many activities, the Red Cross underpins all its activities with good solid research. 

Having gradually moved towards data integration, the Red Cross relies on Deloitte to help structure, organise and get new value out of the vast amounts of data that it collects, and optimise its business processes. Deloitte takes the information that business analytics provides and creates decisions and value out of it.

The extensive business intelligence infrastructure put in place by Deloitte at the Red Cross is being used in the daily processes and encourages the Red Cross to look at these processes differently. This enables the organisation to optimise and innovate where necessary. The new technologies provided will also help the Red Cross address and use all the data that it has collected from past activities. 

“The boundaries between who’s from the Red Cross and who’s from Deloitte are very unclear. It’s one team that is moving ahead by solving the challenges that are being put forward by the Red Cross.”

Geert Hallemeesch, Partner Deloitte


Predicting future needs

One of the main tasks of the Red Cross is to ensure that there is an ample and safe supply of blood. It is crucial that the Red Cross is able to deliver exactly what is needed when it’s needed. The use of analytics helps the Red Cross predict future needs and avoid blood shortages by taking action in advance, helping prevent the loss of life.

“We want to be known for our client satisfaction. We want to be known for our expertise and being an innovative organisation. And that is what they have very well translated into the right implementation of business intelligence and analytics. This is what makes Deloitte special.”

Wilfried Vantyghem, COO Blood Services Belgian Red Cross Flanders

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