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Our commitment to clients, talent and society

Making an impact that matters

A Purpose-led organisation

As Deloitte, we aspire to deliver on our purpose – to make an impact that matters for our clients, our people and society.

We are having a substantial impact on our client through our services, but it is also our responsibility to have a lasting positive impact on our people and the society. At Deloitte, we believe we have a responsibility in making a better world. And, as leaders, it is our responsibility to take the lead, and inspire people to work for a better and sustainable society.

We have an opportunity to align our purpose with our core business and meet the increasing expectations of our clients, people and the wider public to be clear about what we stand for and authentic in delivering on our purpose aspirations. We know that business plays a crucial role in building a better society and making an impact that matters.

At Deloitte Belgium, we fully appreciate that business has a crucial role in building a better society. This is why Corporate Responsibility is fundamental to our business strategy and is also an integral part of the decisions we make every day. We seek to make an impact that matters in all that we do.

Piet Vandendriessche, CEO Deloitte Belgium

What does this mean in practice?

  • Every day we challenge ourselves to do what matters most — for clients, for our talent and for society.
  • We serve clients distinctively, bringing innovative insights, solving the most complex challenges they are facing and helping them grow, in a responsible way.
  • We inspire our talented professionals to deliver outstanding value to clients, providing an exceptional career experience, a positive work environment and an inclusive and collaborative culture. 
  • We contribute to society, building confidence and trust in the markets, upholding the integrity of organisations and supporting our communities.
  • This is our tradition. This is what we stand for. This is our purpose.

The Deloitte Foundation

Our commitment to society

One way to activate our Purpose is through our commitment to society. The Deloitte Foundation allows to better oversee our firm’s CR strategy and to provide added visibility to the projects in which we are proud to participate. On a daily basis, our people are committed to make an impact that matters, which is entirely embedded in the Deloitte DNA.

The Deloitte Foundation brings together a range of social projects in Belgium and abroad, for which we collaborate with partners. The projects focus on education, entrepreneurship and sustainability. These areas represent Deloitte’s culture as a coaching and learning organisation, and make the best use of our skills in order to have a greater impact, and work for a better and more sustainable society.

Discover the FY20 Purpose KPI's in our 2020 Belgian Impact Report

We aim to make an impact through our strategic partnerships, which are structured around education, entrepreneurship and sustainability. Employee engagement is key to the success of all the initiatives we are involved in. Our employees activate our Purpose by volunteering and sharing their expertise.

Hilde Van de Velde, Chief Purpose Officer

50 million futures

At a global level, Deloitte is committed to empowering people to succeed in a rapidly changing global economy. Deloitte is taking action through WorldClass, a social impact initiative created as part of our firm’s global corporate responsibility (CR) strategy. The aim is to align local CR activities  around one global mission: preparing 50 million futures by 2030 and 350.000 Belgian lives by 2030.

We are committing our most valued asset—more than 250,000 professionals in firms around the globe—to creating opportunities for those left behind. By collaborating with our partners, we can transform learning and enable individuals to access the skills they really need to meet future job demands.

Through WorldClass we will prepare 50 million futures and 350.000 Belgian futures by 2030 for a world of opportunity. We will make an impact that matters.

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CO2 neutral by 2021

Forward thinking has always kept us one step ahead, and making an impact through sustainability is high on our agenda. Deloitte Belgium has an ambitious target to cut our firm’s CO2 emissions 25% by 2021. We aim to offset the remaining 75% to become carbon neutral.


We have already made tremendous progress in making our office buildings more green, and the move to Gateway decreased the CO₂ emissions of our buildings by 38%. Any new construction projects will continue this trend. 

Our fleet represents over 70% of our carbon footprint. To reach our 2021 goal, the Mobility@Deloitte programme was launched. Through the programme we aim to take a pioneering stance on mobility, to both reduce our CO₂ and to make an impact on the mobility challenges we all face every day.


We carefully choose our strategic partners in our scope of Education, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability, to make the greatest possible impact. It ranges from offering our expertise on a specific topic, and coaching & mentoring to providing feedback on business plans or funding or support to helping them grow.

VLAJO/Les Jeunes Entreprises

Vlajo/Les Jeunes Entreprises empower students to develop entrepreneurial skills, consequently preparing them for their future professional life through simulation exercises on how to set up and build a company. Deloitte provides feedback on business plans, serves on competition juries, advises the initiative’s management and offers the Deloitte Innovation Award.

19 Coding School

19 Coding School is the first Belgian coding school entirely free, open to all and accessible to 18-30 year old. Its pedagogy is peer-to-peer learning: a participative process that allows students to unleash their creativity through project-based learning - with the aim of increasing IT and digital skills and consequently boosting jobs in Belgium. It also encourages women to go Tech via the She Loves To Code initiative.


Be.Face is an organisation started by Engie and now supported by many large companies, including Deloitte Belgium. One of their initiatives is Bright Future, that matches mentors with underprivileged high-potential university students. A great example of how we support and encourage a-typical profiles to take their first career steps. Workshops and coaching sessions are organised.

The Shift

The Shift is the leading network for companies - of which Deloitte is a contributing member - striving to shape a sustainable society. A centre of expertise and exchange, it aims to co-create inclusive, green and responsible business.

Close the Gap

Close the Gap is an international social enterprise that aims to bridge the digital divide by offering high-quality refurbished computers to IT projects in emerging countries throughout companies to educational, medical and social projects in developing and emerging countries. Deloitte provides support with equipment and expertise.

Fund Isaan

Fund Isaan, established by Deloitte partner Rony Wuytjens, is active in one of the poorest regions in Thailand, where education is often a low priority. Fund Isaan accelerates education by offering English classes to teachers and students, which helps to build a stronger community in the region of Isaan, Thailand. It provides computers and training, sends volunteers to assist local teachers with English classes, and offers scholarships to young people who demonstrate high potential.

Deloitte and the Sustainable Development Goals

Creating a better world by 2030

The United Nations developed the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in September 2015. The SDGs focus on the priorities for building a more sustainable world by 2030. This universal call to action for people, the planet, and prosperity addresses all of the UN member states and their stakeholders to participate. At Deloitte, our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability aligns our firm’s strategy to the UN SDG framework for a better future. Each of the SDGs is interdependent and covers a very broad topic:

Deloitte Belgium is proud to make an impact by focusing on the following ten SDGs:

In the spotlight

Virtual Hugs

Making an Impact through Virtual Hugs

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, activating our Purpose to make an impact that matters is even more critical. Within the framework of well-being, mental resilience, and staying connected, we launched Virtual Hugs in April.

With visitor restrictions in place, the elderly in care centres, patients in hospitals, and people with a disability are becoming more isolated from the outside world. Solitude is now a major issue, as many of them do not have access to smartphones or tablets to stay connected with others.

In collaboration with Close the Gap and the VUB, Virtual Hugs provides mobile devices to those in need so they can keep in touch with their loved ones, alleviating the effects of loneliness. 

By October, Virtual Hugs had delivered 4,205 devices, impacting 42,050 people directly and 84,100 indirectly.

Giving back to the local community

In celebration of Saint Nicholas

6 December is a special day for children who are waiting with their shoes ready for Saint Nicholas to deliver treats, biscuits, and tangerines. But, some children wake up with empty shoes.

To make Saint Nicholas a special day for those children, we donated the 4,000 chocolate gifts that used to make its way on desks across Deloitte to organisations around Belgium (Arc-en-Ciel, De Touter, and SOS Kinderdorpen). These organisations distribute to children in need across Belgium. In collaboration with these organisations, we’ve brightened the day of more than 4,000… Giving a better feeling than any sweet can!



Sustainable Development Goals Workshops

GoodPlanet Belgium is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to building a sustainable society by developing and supportuing sustainability projects. Overall, more than 100 practitioners took part in the sustainability workshops at Gateway, each covering one of the four topics:

  • Circular economy: Build a restorative economy through creativity and innovation
  • My2050 (Smart cities): Become a member of the Federal Parliament and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Goodfood: Learn how to eat and cook while respecting our own health as well as the planet’s health
  • Micro Mobility: Discover new means of transport and their comparative advantages

One Young World Summit 2018

Representing Deloitte Belgium

From 17 to 20 October, Ciara Walsh from Consulting joined the global Deloitte delegation made up of 42 young professionals and five nonprofit representatives at the One Young World (OYW) Summit 2018. They were also joined by nine senior Deloitte leaders. The Summit, which took place in The Hague, brought together nearly 2,000 young people from more than 190 countries to make lasting connections and create positive change.


SDG Innovation Labs in Singapore

UNLEASH is a non-profit organisation and global platform created to find real, innovative, and accessible solutions for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and provide opportunities for support and funding. This is an experiential self-directed innovation process, focused on collaboration and co-creation across countries and sectors. At UNLEASH 2018 in Singapore, 50 Deloitte facilitators from across our global network represented almost half of the 125 UNLEASH facilitators overall to lead 1,000 collaborators from 108 countries in the annual Innovation Labs. The role of the facilitators is to lead the innovation process while keeping the talent teams energised and motivated.

Financial Advisory climbs for a good cause

Supporting Qhubeka

The very first Financial Advisory Charity Trip took place in October, supporting Qhubeka, a good cause in South Africa that moves people forward with bicycles to improve access to schools, clinics, and jobs. The donations from our practitioners were matched by Deloitte to provide 20 bicycles to school children in South Africa. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our campaign to make this far-reaching impact!

Partner cycling trip 2018

From Milano to Roma

In May, 27 Deloitte Belgium partners embarked on the seventh edition of a week-long cycling trip. This year, they cycled in Italy to support three good causes that have a special significance to some of our partners: Fund Isaan VZW Josephine and GoodPlanet.

Awards & recognition

Our 2018 sustainability rating

EcoVadis, the global business sustainability ratings platform, has awarded Deloitte Belgium with a gold recognition level. This great achievement means that we are among the top 5% performing companies evaluated by EcoVadis, and it brings us closer to our sustainability targets!

Fortune's Change the world list

We are pleased to announce that for the first time, Deloitte has been included on Fortune’s “Change the World” list, a prestigious list of companies making social benefit part of their core business strategies. This nomination recognises our commitment to helping our clients, our people and society adapt to technological change and prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  

The Shift (formerly known as Business & Society)

The Shift is the leading network for companies striving to shape a sustainable society. A centre of expertise and exchange, it aims to co-create inclusive, green and responsible business. Deloitte Belgium joined Business & Society Belgium in 2005 and held a seat on the Executive Comittee between 2008 and 2015.

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