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Welcome to the UCI World Road Championships

At Deloitte we encourage people to lead a healthy and well-balanced life.
We’re all about connecting with each other while making a positive impact.
The UCI Road World Championships radiates the same positive values.
That’s why we want you to enjoy this exciting experience with us.


Become a Fanthusiast

Click the markers on the route from Antwerp to Leuven to discover all our activities and register now!

Visit our Fanzone in Leuven

Want to have your bike fixed for free, prove that you’re the fastest student on the final kilometer of the race, or follow the races from a VIP spot? Come by at our booth in Leuven and meet the Fanthusiasts who work at Deloitte.

Our booth

Address: Monseigneur Ladeuzeplein, 3000 Leuven

Go green, go cycling

Sustainability and sport are of paramount importance to us at Deloitte. We believe that the impact we have on the world starts with ourselves. This translates into what we do, how we behave and how we treat people and the environment with respect. We also promote these values in our sustainability partnership with Flanders and UCI.

At Deloitte

At The UCI World Championships

Job opportunities

At Deloitte we have a peloton of more than 4500 Fanthusiasts. Are you also fascinated by innovation, digitalization or tech in general, and do you want a career that can help create new solutions in sustainability or mobility? Discover our different job opportunities here.


Sustainability at the UCI

The UCI Road World Championships is not only returning to the cradle of cycling, but it’s celebrating its 100th birthday. So, it’s the perfect time to look back, and look forward with an aim to make a positive impact.

One of the priorities of the 2021 UCI Road World Championships is to lead in terms of sustainability. As the official sustainability partner, we worked together with the organisers to create an action plan and will calculate the CO2 impact of the championships for the first time ever, among other initiatives.

Curious? Submit your details to receive the UCI sustainability report after the championships!

For more information, please visit Sustainability | Flanders 2021 and flanders-2021-sustainability-plan.pdf (flanders2021.com)


Sustainability at Deloitte

We’re investing in our infrastructure, fleet and offices, making great strides in our goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030.

Whether travelling by car or plane, we encourage our people to think about their carbon footprint and choose the eco-friendly options we offer. Installing charging stations will ensure we’re ready to only order electric vehicles as of 2026, with the aim to have an entirely electric fleet by 2030.

Clean energy production is also high on our radar, so over the next decade, our buildings will run solely on renewable energy. Removing single-use plastics, and cutting paper waste by 95% by 2030, are also part of our green journey.