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Deloitte donates 100 laptops to Spectrum College in Lummen-Beringen in cooperation with the Flemish Government and

The Flemish Government, business world and civil society join forces to step up the digitisation proess in Flemish education

Brussels, Lummen – 8 March 2021

On Monday, Piet Vandendriessche, CEO of Deloitte, handed over 100 laptops to Ludo Elsen, coordinating director of Spectrum College in Lummen-Beringen. Deloitte worked together with the Flemish Minister for Education Ben Weyts and to put laptops at the school’s disposal. The 100 laptops are part of 1,300 laptops Deloitte is donating to Flemish schools in cooperation with 

Together, the three partners are making great strides in the digitisation of Flemish education. Deloitte is also launching 'DigiSkillzz', a programme under which Deloitte employees provide lessons on and solutions in digital skills and cyber security to young people and teachers as part of the digital literacy drive.

In December, the Flemish Government announced that it intended to provide each Flemish pupil with his or her own laptop as of the fifth year of school under the 'Digisprong' (Digital Leap) initiative. Flanders is investing €375 million in this digitisation exercise, but is also working closely with partners from the Flemish civil society and the business community to provide extra laptops for Flemish students in the short term.

Deloitte has already worked with the non-profit association in the past to provide laptops for Flemish students, donating 1,300 laptops to Flemish schools, including 100 laptops to Spectrum College. The school has ca. 3,200 students and is therefore continuously in need of good working digital hardware for teachers and students.


Deloitte is also launching the DigiSkillzz programme under which employees provide lessons and solutions to young people and teachers on subjects such as cyber security and stimulating safe online behaviour. Deloitte thus provides the hardware as well as the knowledge required for the digitisation of education, thereby making an impact for the long term also. The pilot project of the programme will get underway in May at Spectrum College in Lummen-Beringen. Deloitte plans to expand its DigiSkillzz programme further at the start of the 2021-2022 academic year.

"At Deloitte, we pull no punches when it comes to digital inclusion. That is why we have been working with for some time now and we are very proud to donate 100 laptops to Spectrum College in Lummen-Beringen. By donating laptops and investing in digital coaching, we help students and teachers to be fully prepared for the digital age," said Piet Vandendriessche, CEO of Deloitte Belgium.

"The DigiSkillzz project goes hand in glove with our vision on Purpose at Deloitte, namely making a valuable long-term impact. With this project we want to bring our expertise to bear on one of our strategic pillars, i.e. education. More specifically, we want to give young people and schools 'tools' for the leap to a digital world," said Hilde Van de Velde, Chief Purpose Officer of Deloitte Belgium.

Flemish Minister for Education Ben Weyts:
"We are going to seize the opportunity afforded by the coronavirus crisis to accelerate the digitisation process in our education. We will roll out our Digisprong (Digital Leap) initiative in the coming academic year in an effort to give every pupil access to their own ICT device from the fifth school year onwards. We have already purchased 15,000 laptops in the past year, and collected another 12,000 from organisations and companies, for the most vulnerable students. It is fantastic that a company like Deloitte endeavours selflessly to help the most vulnerable students right away.”

Philip Du Bois, Chairman of the Board,
" strives for digital inclusion, together with companies, governmental authorities, social organisations and schools. Thanks to this cooperation, we can already offer 100 young people easy access to ICT. With the support of our partners, we want to make a difference again in 2021 for young people with a digital need."

Ludo Elsen, coordinating director of Spectrum College:
"At Spectrum College, we make strenuous efforts for the development of a well-founded ICT vision and the professionalisation of teachers. This coronavirus time has given a tremendous boost to the digitisation of education and our teachers are fortunately exchanging many ideas under the motto 'sharing is caring'. To support the implementation of the ICT vision, we have rolled out a high-performance network on all campuses of Spectrum College. We are moreover devising the BYOD system (Bring Your Own Device) as well as a loan system. Our students can bring their own device, but they can also borrow a laptop. Many pupils in Lummen-Beringen come from less well-off families. We therefore offer them an opportunity to borrow a laptop as part of our poverty policy. We can expand the capacity of our lending project enormously with these 100 Deloitte laptops. So we are very grateful to both Deloitte and the Minister."

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