Deloitte Innovation Centre

Nurturing Innovation

The aim of the Deloitte Innovation Centre is to support innovation and entrepreneurship. It will focus on young technology companies involved in analytics, digital, cyber security and Internet Of Things. The Centre intends to give young entrepreneurs the boost they need for their business.


    Deloitte introduces its Innovation Centre

    On Tuesday 29 April 2014, Deloitte Belgium launched the Deloitte Innovation Centre at De Hoorn in Leuven. The aim of the Centre is to stimulate the Belgian economy by supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.


    Deloitte Analytics

    The data in your organisation is full of potential. Only Deloitte has the industry expertise, advanced analytics capability, and the skills to embed analytical decision-making into key organisational processes to maximise its value - turning everyday information into useful and actionable insights.


    Cyber Security Risk Services

    The digital revolution has enhanced the ability to conduct business but it has also created a complex set of security issues. Assets, once physically protected, are now accessible online. Customer channels are vulnerable to disruption. Criminals have new opportunities for theft and fraud.


    Deloitte Digital Service Offering

    An innovative leader in digital strategy and mobile and web content management, offering world-class knowledge and resources.