Business Insights Lab


Business insights lab

Get more value by efficient use of your data

SMEs and family-owned companies are sitting on mountains of data in their ERP, CRM, T&T or other systems. Through visual and dynamic dashboards, tailored to the needs of the end users, this data can deliver actionable business insights. Yet, it takes more than just implementing a tool to achieve the added value you are looking for. During this business insights lab we guide you pragmatically on your path from data to actionable insights.

Impact / benefits

  • The Business insights lab provides a good maturity benchmark compared to your peers.
    (who are +1 level in maturity & size)
  • Steer your business through (financial) data insights based on your strategic objectives and optimise your way of working to take your organisation to the next level.
  • We accelerate the success of your transformation by taking all four enablers into account.
  • Applicable in any business domain: general – finance – sales – logistics…


3 steps to kick-off your transformation

Step 1 | Onboarding

Intake session to capture:

  • Current & future business model
  • Strategic objectives
  • IT architecture

Step 2 | Content discovery

Let's discuss the 4 enablers:

  • Information: Register the relevant data points based on the right KPI’s which enables you to steer your organisation in the right direction
  • People: Define clear responsibilities in your organisation between your management, your business partners and your IT. Then coach them appropriately
  • Processes: Install a periodic closing & business review processes to get timely, correct & added value to the organisation
  • Technology: Implement a self-service BI tool so that your people across the organisation can act quickly without being dependent on IT

Step 3 | Outcome

Get back to your office with a detailed action plan!

Getting the right value out of your data in a controlled and efficient manner, will take more than just setting up a few graphs.

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