Team “SB&D” wins the 4th Deloitte Accountancy Entrepreneurship Challenge

This year Deloitte Accountancy is hiring 40 new graduates

Diegem, 3rd April 2014 – Team SB&D (Superior Beverages & Drinks) from Liège triumphed in the final of the 4th Deloitte Accountancy Entrepreneurship Challenge last weekend. This competition, involving 26 teams and more than 100 students from all over Belgium, encourages the participants to set up a virtual company and manage it online. Team SB&D has won a trip to Chicago. Deloitte Accountancy uses a variety of channels to support and stimulate entrepreneurship among young talent, as well as among the young holders of master’s and bachelor’s degrees, whom it also hires every year through entrepreneur initiatives such as Bryo, SO Kwadraat, Idealabs and Fast50.

This year saw the 4th edition of the Deloitte Accountancy Entrepreneurship Challenge, with teams made up of master’s and final-year bachelor’s accountancy, economics and finance degree students pitting their wits against one another in a business game to create the best virtual company.  26 teams took part in the Challenge this year, with a total of 110 students.

The final round of the Challenge was held last weekend at Deloitte in Diegem, after the previous rounds that took place in Antwerp, Charleroi, Ghent, Jette, Leuven, Hasselt, Kortrijk and Liège. In Diegem, the finalists made investment pitches as part of live presentations in front of a panel of fictitious investors made up of partners and directors of Deloitte Accountancy. Team SB&D, with coach Gary Rodriguez, scored extremely highly in the business game as well as in the investment pitch. As a result, the three team members – Cédric Lagarrigue, Youri Hannon and Chloé Carlier (all students at the HEC Management School at the University of Liège) – can now look forward to their trip to Chicago.

SB&D: “We are very grateful to Deloitte for its flawless organisation – and especially for giving us the fantastic opportunity to take part in this business game and for the coaching we received while it was going on. We reckon the Deloitte Entrepreneurship Challenge should also be called the ‘Deloitte Exciting Experience’!”

“Chicago Beverages”, a team of students from the Applied Economics faculty at Ghent University, finished in second place. Despite their fantastic presentation, it was by just a few points that they had to make way for the eventual winners. The team ranked third were the Limburg pirates of “Black Sails” (KH Limburg), who were narrowly edged out in the Facebook movie battle by the Liège team, DriNjoy.

The Deloitte Accountancy Entrepreneurship Challenge gives students the opportunity to take their theoretical knowledge one step further as part of a highly interesting practical exercise. The competitors form the management team of their own virtual company and are required to take decisions in all relevant areas of the business (purchasing policy, pricing policy, marketing, HR and finance policy) to manage the company to the best of their ability, while at the same time strengthening its competitiveness and financial position and attracting investors to fund corporate growth. The various rounds of the business game saw the students compete against one another in the same market in an online environment. They were also supported throughout the Challenge by a coach from Deloitte Accountancy.

“We use this business game to appeal to the entrepreneurial spirit of the next generation,” says Nikolaas Tahon, Managing Partner of Deloitte Accountancy. “It is reassuring to see how this challenge brings out the best in young people. There is still an awful lot of great young business talent out there in Belgium, which is what we aim to encourage in every way at Deloitte Accountancy.”

Pictures of the final day are available at the Facebook page of Deloitte Fiduciaire or our Flickr page.  

Published on 30 March 2014

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