Investors remain confident about investing in scale-ups

Moreover all of the investors that took part in the Deloitte Scale-up Investor survey are still looking to invest in companies outside of their current portfolio.

Seven out of ten investors are confident that their portfolio companies will emerge strong from this crisis and be able to continue or even accelerate their growth trajectory. Long-term thinking has prevented investors from changing course. However, they do anticipate reduced or more realistic valuations, reveals Deloitte’s latest survey.

Investors that have placed their trust in scale-ups have barely changed their investment strategies in light of COVID-19. Fifty-eight percent do not aim to diversify the type of companies within their portfolio, yet a significant 42 percent plans to adjust their sector focus or even avoid some.

Report Scale-up investor survey

Levels of investment remain largely unchanged with only five percent decreasing the amount, 21 increasing it, and 74 percent making no changes.

The companies have primarily focused on cost restructuring and augmenting their overall market-readiness. There is clear consensus amongst investors that scale-ups should stay the course and not drastically pivot their business model. 

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