Scale-ups remain confident amid COVID-19 crisis

Eighty-three percent expect limited to no negative impact on financing

Seven out of ten scale-ups remain confident that they will successfully navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, and that their business may come out stronger and continue or even accelerate its growth trajectory, reveals Deloitte’s latest survey.

Whilst the majority of scale-ups are aware of government relief measures, 55 percent have yet to make full use or benefit from such measures. Only 4 percent have fully taken up the offer of government aid. Sixty-six percent of scale-ups are in contact with their investors or plan to liaise with them, with the investors often providing hands-on advice and support.

As expected, the growth expectations of smaller companies are more affected by the crisis than those of larger companies. The scale-ups are primarily focusing on reducing operational costs, implementing temporary unemployment, and improving working capital. Surprisingly, only 14 percent have reduced headcount or dismissed employees.

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