SME Compass 2017

Financial performance of the most important industry sectors

The SME Compass 2017 provides a historic picture of the way Belgian SMEs have performed financially over the past years.

Out of the nearly 5.000 SMEs for which Deloitte Accountancy compiles the annual accounts and draws up business economic and financial analyses, a peer group of more than 2.500 representative companies whose most recent financial year has closed between 30 September 2015 and 31 March 2016 was selected.

For the twelfth consecutive year, the SME Compass calculates nine financial key indicators representing four different aspects of financial management: financial structure and repayment capacity, liquidity and working capital management, added value and labor intensity and finally, profitability.

Furthermore, the survey does not work with averages but with median and quartile values. Please find an overview of the nine key ratios in the brochure download on the right, including a detail per industry group and some important industry subgroups, as well as some detailed figures in relation to the size of the companies (turnover).

The financial performance of some important sector

Following sectors and subsectors are represented in the report:

  • Construction
  • Services (Insurance, IT, Technical advice, Transport & logistics)
  • Trade (Wholesale, Retail)
  • Industry (Printing, Synthetics & chemicals, Wood, Metal, Textile)
  • Agrofood

The financial performance in relation to the size of the companies (turnover)

  • Turnover < 6.25 mio EUR
  • Turnover < 12.5 mio EUR
  • Turnover < 25 mio EUR
  • Turnover > 25 mio EUR

Download the overview here

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