Tax Consultant - Starting in September 2017 

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Suspense, agility and a rising tide of adrenaline are often sought by many graduates in a career. Strangely however, few of them think to find them in the world of tax. How wrong they are! It’s more rock & roll than you probably imagine!

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Working in tax will keep you on your toes. Tax law is dynamic and always subject to change, often because of changing political priorities. Globalisation, technological innovation, climate change and resource scarcity, demographic and social change are driving factors in how today’s economies evolve. They also heavily influence how tax law is shaped.

It is fair to say that tax is at the crossroad of law, business and innovation, hence affects corporations, entrepreneurs and individuals in many ways. Not surprisingly, tax is always at the forefront of political debates and is frequently covered in the press. Taxation is under increased scrutiny, with governments becoming increasingly demanding in terms of tax information reporting. Businesses are continuously aligning their internal tax processes and data management systems with these changing requirements.

All this is what makes us so passionate about tax! If you agree, then you should definitely consider starting your career in tax at Deloitte.

There are job opportunities in following areas:

  • Tax Consultant;
  • Tax Compliance Consultant;
  • Tax Management Consultant;
  • Tax Consultant SME.

Your profile

There is no such thing as a typical tax candidate. Many have a Master or a Bachelor in a business-related discipline such as Law, Economics or Accounting.

However, non-law and non-economy graduates are also welcome to apply. A Master qualification in Tax Law is an asset, but by no means a prerequisite.

Our offer

  • A challenging, innovating environment where personal development and growth are encouraged;
  • Opportunities for learning where needed;
  • An attractive and competitive salary with fringe benefits;
  • Your office: Antwerpen, Gent, Liège or Zaventem airport.