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Deloitte Digital Accountant

Your Deloitte Digital Accountant is ready to collaborate with you to efficiently address your administrative and bookkeeping challenges of today (with the support of the latest digital tools) and take your financial management to a higher level.


Checklist aftrekbare kosten / Charges déductibles 2018

Welke kosten kunnen we als vennootschap, ondernemer of vrij beroeper aftrekken en welke niet?

De wetgeving terzake is niet altijd even duidelijk. Vele concrete toepassingsgevallen resulteren dan ook in een omvangrijke rechtspraak en casuïstiek. In deze brochure geven wij u een overzicht van de kosten waarvan de fiscale aftrekbaarheid aan bijzondere regels onderworpen wordt, op vlak van directe belastingen en btw.

Quelles sont les charges que nous pouvons déduire en tant que société, entrepreneur ou profession libérale? Quelles sont les charges qui ne sont pas déductibles?

La législation n’est pas toujours claire. Beaucoup de cas pratiques résultent d'une juridiction considérable et problématique. Dans cette brochure, vous trouverez un aperçu des charges dont la déductibilté est limitée dans les domaines des impôts directs et de la tva.

Private Value Map

Independent analysis of your private estate

In this rapidly changing world, a good overview and integrated information is very important. The Private Value Map offers a solution for this and gives you a global and objective overview of:

  • Your private and corporate assets
  • Your inherited succession planning
  • Your succession risks
  • Your action points

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SME compass 2017

Financial performance of the most important industry sectors

The SME Compass 2017 provides a historic picture of the way Belgian SMEs have performed financially over the past years.

For the twelfth consecutive year, the SME Compass calculates nine financial key indicators representing four different aspects of financial management: financial structure and repayment capacity, liquidity and working capital management, added value and labor intensity and finally, profitability.

Furthermore, the survey does not work with averages but with median and quartile values. Please find an overview of the nine key ratios in the brochure download on the right, including a detail per industry group and some important industry subgroups, as well as some detailed figures in relation to the size of the companies (turnover).

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Deloitte Company Car Calculator

Shifting mobility behaviour in a cost neutral way

Deloitte has developed a company car tax calculator enabling you to assess the impact of providing for (Employer) or having a company car or mobility allowance at your disposal (Employee). The calculator is based on the lump sum valuation method to determine the benefit in kind of making use of a company car or receiving a mobility allowance for employees and the corporate tax impact for employers.

The tool is fully updated according to the lates legislation regarding CO2 emission references.

Calculate your company car BIK or your mobility allowance financial impact