Accounting & Reporting

Guaranteeing our clients a high-quality multidisciplinary approach, all our accountants take on the role of an external CFO for SMEs.

Bookkeeping & VAT/tax-compliance services

We keep accounts, check them periodically and prepare VAT returns in accordance with the rules to avoid unpleasant surprises during tax audits. Our SME reporting tool offers our clients the opportunity to manage their business at close quarters.

Digital accountant

Thanks to advanced and wholly integrated scanning and IT applications in the cloud, SMEs can fully outsource the registration of all transactional processes. This provides increased, 24-hour access to all up-to-date financial data, regardless of a client’s specific accounting/ERP-software. Moreover, a one-to-one communication platform offers comfort and direct access to our specialist accounting and tax services.

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Year-end & interim closing, financial, tax, legal compliance & tax optimisation

Our reliable workflows and specialist knowledge are combined with high-performance software and in-depth knowledge of our customers’ businesses. This enables us to perform professional analyses of the SME’s financial records and tax situations, compile internal and external annual financial statements, and draft all relevant tax statements and returns. Our work results in relevant financial insights for our clients and optimised tax situations for both their companies and private assets.

Financial planning & management

With our deep understanding of the financials of our clients’ financials, we translate figures into trends and recommendations. The insights we provide enable SMEs to work expertly on further developing their strategies and on reinforcing the trust of their most important partners (customers, employees, banks, etc.).

We create the initial outline plans based on templates we have created first outlines. We also provide further in-depth analysis: financial assessment of competitors, cash flow planning, independent profitability &and finance sensitivity analysis (Business &and Finance X-Ray), finance structuring, investment analysis, bank memoranda, etc.


Deloitte guides SMEs through the different steps of the consolidation process. Specialists help draft consolidated annual accounts (whether legally required or not) supported by appropriate consolidation reporting technology.