Connected Clients  

Build stronger client relationships and improve your customer service by leveraging digital collaboration.

The digital client experience

Our clients consult us for questions such as:

  • How can I use the power of 'digital' to drive profitable growth in my business?
  • How can I boost customer service using digital tools?
  • How can I improve my operational efficiency by exposing my internal processes online?
  • What digital self-service possibilities should I present  to my clients?

Technology is needed to capture and enrich the data of the client, create a digital collaboration trough portals, communicate trough new media channels.

Becoming connected, integrated and efficient

We help you to infuse new ideas and technologies into your customer service and delivery processes. It's all about expanding your existing processes and client relationships to a new digital dimension.

We aim to strengthen your client relationships by using digital tools and platforms:

  • Increasing your client satisfaction ratio by delivering 24x7 service on-line
  • Building longer-lasting relationships by delivering great digital hooks
  • Delivering new insights into your clients' online behaviour using data analytics
  • Letting your teams focus on real added-value services for your clients by bringing repetitive tasks to a self-service digital channel
  • Creating online communities to harvest new business or new clients

Some examples of our services:

  • Analysing and defining the customer journey
  • Developing your digital client collaboration strategy and defining the business case
  • Selecting the right technology for your digital channel
  • Setting up client collaboration spaces and portals

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Johan Vlaminckx

Johan Vlaminckx

Partner, Deloitte Consulting

Johan leads the Digital Mix team and service offering in Belgium within Deloitte Consulting. He focuses on our technology services towards Private clients, being fast growing scale-ups, family-driven ... More