IT Risk Control & Guidance

We help you to address technology risks and drive IT projects to deliver ROI as expected.

Controlling your technology risks

Our clients consult us for questions such as:

  • How can ERP deliver value? Where did it go wrong?
  • What is my protection against cyber criminality?
  • How do I guide my organisation and people on their journey to a new IT implementation?
  • How can I challenge my software partner?
  • How can I control IT costs and increase the business value of my IT team?

How can I measure and increase the ROI on major IT investments?

IT living up to expectations

Technology is increasingly a key enabler for your business. But risks like cyberattacks or lengthy and costly implementation projects can just as well destroy value.

In our view, proper management of projects and governance of IT is key to make technology deliver the business value you expected.

IT projects like ERP or CRM initiatives are in our view much more than technology projects. People and change are the key to success. We help you to make change really happen.

Some examples of our services:

  • ERP project assessments
  • Cyber security scan: using our ready-set-go methodology
  • Project and change management services
  • IT cost and value assessment
  • Business requirements analysis
  • Coaching on agile project and development methodologies

Technology is more and more a key enabler for your business. But risks like cyber attacks or lengthy and costly  implementation  projects can just as well destroy value.

Do you want peace of mind without technology worries? Connect with us!

Johan Vlaminckx

Johan Vlaminckx

Partner, Deloitte Consulting

Johan leads the Digital Mix team and service offering in Belgium within Deloitte Consulting. He focuses on our technology services towards Private clients, being fast growing scale-ups, family-driven ... More