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Entering numbers and preparing declarations may be important, but it is just the basics. You need to run your business smartly. In addition to an up-to-date overview of your financial situation, the Deloitte Digital Accountant portal gives you incisive insights and powerful tools that enable you to keep a close eye on your business, and manage the direction you are heading in.

How can the Digital Accountant portal help you?

Easily scan your invoices or upload documents into the portal and our accountants will do the rest. The result? More time for you to focus on your core business while staying up-to-date. The Digital Accountant portal serves as your digital dashboard where you can send and receive notifications and focus on the figures that matter to you, anytime, anywhere.

Make your financial administration lean and mean, and as efficient as possible through our digital solutions and ecosystem. What you do, what we do for you, we make it tailored to your (changing) possibilities and needs.

Digital Accountant makes working with your accountant faster, more efficient, more accurate, and much more insightful!

Some of the functionalities

See through the eyes of your accountant

By going digital, we want to relieve you of your administrative burdens. That does not mean that you will lose personal contact. On the contrary, the portal makes it easier to exchange messages with your accountant at all times so you will stay up-to-date on your progress. Furthermore, you can open the same reporting dashboards as your accountant, enabling you to look through his/her eyes and read his/her notes and recommendations on the report. As your accountant's contact details are on the portal, you can always call them to discuss matters.

Ecosystem of connected apps

Thanks to our ecosystem of business applications integrated with the portal, we can offer you a streamlined and digital compliance service. Documents can be uploaded through the Digital Accountant or we can connect to applications like Coda to access your data. The processing of your financial administration and reporting is also digital, and therefore always up to date. The strength of the portal is that it focusses on the data that is relevant for your business. Tailored to your monthly or quarterly needs, you can adjust it (together with your accountant) to the data that matters to you!

Insights at any given time

Analyse the past, predict the future. That is our ambition. We offer you a clear overview of the way your company is performing financially, designed to keep your business on the rails. The real-time insights are more tangible, and always available. Thanks to the digitalisation of our processes, reporting is efficient, fast, personalised and even more accurate. There is more time to advise you on your taxes, financials, and operational processes.

User-friendly and secure

We created a digital platform that works on both desktop and mobile devices. Your personal login and password protect your data on the highly secured Digital Accountant platform. Log in and get access to your accounting documents and reports, your personal messages, and get tailored advice from your accountant.

Let's move your business forward, together!

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Frederik Falepin

Frederik Falepin

Partner, Deloitte Accountancy

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Frank Schouteden

Frank Schouteden

Associate, Deloitte Accountancy

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Vanessa Torrekens

Vanessa Torrekens

Director, Deloitte Accountancy

Vanessa Torrekens combines accountancy, financial, tax and legal expertise with digitalisation to advise SMEs and family companies. In her role as trusted advisor for business owners and their managem... More