Your Deloitte Digital Accountant

Efficient. Proactive. Personalised. Real-time.

Your Deloitte Digital Accountant is ready to collaborate with you to efficiently address your administrative and bookkeeping challenges of today (with the support of the latest digital tools) and take your financial management to a higher level.

Collaborate with the most efficient accountant ever!

About Deloitte Digital Accountant

    You expect more from your accountant

    Entering numbers and preparing declarations may be important, but it is just basic stuff. You need something more for your SME. In addition to an up-to-date overview of your financial situation, the Deloitte Digital Accountant gives you incisive insights and powerful tools that enable you to keep a close eye on your business, as well as manage the direction you are heading in.

    The Deloitte Digital Accountant makes working with your accountant faster, more efficient, more accurate and much more insightful!

    We will handle your financial administration in the most effective way by using modern technology; or else we will help you to set up your administrative systems so that they are ‘just right’.

    The result for you is a clear real-time overview of the way your company is performing financially. Available online: always, everywhere and securely.

    Your accountant will still keep a close eye on your financial policy with you and give you proactive advice that will enable you to seize opportunities and limit risks.

    We tailor our work to your needs. Just link the Digital Accountant platform to your existing accountancy system and expand it as you wish.

    We bring 75 years of financial expertise into your organisation.

    Our aim is to relieve you of your administrative burdens as much as possible so that you can focus on your core business. 

    Please find here the general conditions of Deloitte Accountancy cvba (January 2015).

    Digital Accountant – Efficient. Proactive. Personalised. Real-time.

    Being future-focussed

    Does your current accountant tend to look at figures from the past – and nothing else?

    Deloitte Digital Accountant is a true partner who work future-oriented with you.

    We offer you a healthy mix of expertise and digital technologies, designed to keep your SME firmly on the rails.

    Digital Accountant infographic

    Of course it’s up to you to choose which services your business needs. We will adjust our personal services and digital tools to suit your objectives and requirements.

    Tailored to your needs

    Tailored collaboration

    • If you would rather do your own day-to-day bookkeeping yourself, that is not a problem. But you can also hand over your financial and tax administration to our experts.
    • Your Deloitte expert checks, reports, interprets and discusses your figures with you in depth on a regular basis, which fulfils your needs.
    • Optimise your administration and save yourself time and headaches. We will analyse your existing processes and software and suggest ways of improving your efficiency.
    • Want to see your SME grow? We will work with you to define relevant Key Performance Indicators and outline realistic growth pathways.

    Tell us what you need and we will make our expertise pay dividends for you.

    A flexible online platform

    • View your figures anytime, anywhere on your personalised visual dashboard. Clearly organised, easy to use and highly secure.
    • We offer you a digital reporting pack that draws on our 75 years of experience working with SME clients like you.
    • If you have specific requirements, that is no problem. We will simply adjust our reporting to meet your needs.
    • Retain your current accounting system. Our standard connectors link our reporting simply to your existing financial package.
    • You will find it easy to locate your invoices, account statements, contracts and accountant’s advice using our sophisticated search engine.

    We provide you with the best blend of expertise and technology.

    Going digital for your company

    24/7 mobile access

    Log in on your laptop, tablet or smartphone, wherever and whenever it suits you. Digital Accountant gives you an up-to-date overview of your financial situation at any time. The online platform is structured intuitively so that you can find your way through it straight away.



    Visual dashboards dynamic insights

    The Digital Accountant platform displays your financial details clearly and visually. The various dashboards give both you and your accountant a dynamic insight into how your business is performing so that you can make adjustments proactively where necessary.

    Digitise your paperwork

    Make your administration ultra-efficient. Upload all your accounting documents and return to the secure platform so that you have everything you need to hand, in digital format, whenever you need it. Our powerful search engine enables you to find what you are looking for, while keeping your original paper documents available.

    We offer 24/7 mobile access, visual dashboards with dynamic insights into your business performance, and we digitise your paperwork.

    A true business partner

    Financial information. Accurate and timely.

    Your Digital Accountant processes your accounts accurately, in full and on time, in line with current legislation. That way you’re always ready for an inspection. We also provide you with financial reports of the highest quality, based on the criteria and timing that suit you best.

    Someone available for you

    The continuity of your account is vital. We guarantee that our services will be carried out in line with the agreed schedule. A multidisciplinary team is always standing with you and, if required, we will involve our specialists to handle your specific enquiry. You will never again be dependent on just one person.

    Secure online platform

    Your financial information can be accessed whenever and wherever using a simple Internet connection. Your personal login and password protects your data on the highly secured Digital Accountant platform. By logging in over a secured connection, you get access to your accounting documents and reports, your personal messages, and tailored advice from your accountant.

    We work together with you to customise our approach and give you the best service in the sector.

    A business partner that grows with you

    Integration, efficiency & control

    Our consultants help you integrate other on-line applications to support your sales processes (CRM), billing & invoicing, project management,… An opportunity to increase the efficiency of your organisation and expand your management control.

    Analyse the past. Predict the future.

    Analyse your sales and forecast the coming periods. Get your cash under control by discussing a periodic cash forecast. Include a yearly or rolling budget. Let’s look forward together.

    An extra dimension for your company

    Each business has its specific challenges. Want to track your sales by region or sales team? Do you want to control the profitability of your projects? Or are your costs better controlled by department? Customise your management reporting to suit your needs.

    We help you increase efficiency, get your cash under control, and meet your specific management reporting challenges.

    Your partner for the future

    Experience tells us that as an SME, you expect more from your accountant. Deloitte has set itself the goal of establishing new standards in providing financial services. Which is why we aim to give you the best service in the sector.

    Of course it is up to you to define what services you need. And it is up to Deloitte to provide practical answers to your needs. We give our clients exactly what they are looking for, in real-time. That is the power of our experience and the economies of scale we can create. Which is why we do much more than just accounting: we optimise your company’s financial capabilities.

    To do that, we focus on the future, using innovative solutions. Which explains why we are constantly examining what we do, looking for ways in which we can do even better. And you benefit.



    To help optimise your company’s financial capabilities, we focus on the future, using innovative solutions. We help you increase efficiency, get your cash under control, and meet your specific management reporting challenges.