Family & Growth Companies

Working together as experts

We are Belgium's market leader in giving advice to small and medium-sized family-owned businesses ad enterprises (SMEs) in the areas of accountancy, financial administration, financial reporting, compliance services, tax and business legal advisory matters, as well as financial strategy, business control and IT as finance and acquisition services.

Accounting & Reporting

Guaranteeing our clients a high-quality multidisciplinary approach, all our accountants take on the role of an external but committed CFO of SMEs.

  • Bookkeeping & VAT/ tax-compliance services
  • Cloud accounting
  • Year-end closing, financial statement & reporting, Year-end and interim closing, financial, tax, legal compliance and tax optimisation
  • Financial policyplanning and management
  • Consolidation

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Tax & Legal

Reliable fiscal and legal advice is based on knowledge and experience. By our unique and far-reaching sharing culture, every employee has acces to the experience of more than 120 colleagues specialists. No one faces a challenge alone. Consultation and critical debate cause quality and accurate solutions. Within well structured competency groups, our knowledge is always up-to-date and within our teams, we continuously work towards innovative solutions.

  • Tax review/audit
  • Corporate legal management
  • Cross-border tax advising
  • Desk Franco-Belge
  • Real estate project advisory
  • Private governance
  • Compensation and benefits
  • SME M&A guidancetax & legal advisory
  • Commercial law & co-sourcing

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Business Control & Technology

Our department of Business Control & Technology provides SMEs with result driven business and IT consulting services. There’s a tremendous amount of information circulating in a company, which provokes a lot of manual interventions. Our purpose is to provide management information, on which we align the clients’ IT system. We gather on a monthly basis with our clients to follow up and implement IT systems, customized for the particular company.

  • BI & management reporting
  • Management accounting
  • Business controlling
  • Business strategy
  • IT strategy
  • IT project & change management
  • Document management

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M&A & Finance

Working together, the accountants, tax experts and legal consultants of Deloitte Accountancy offer complete consulting and guidance when SMEs buy or sell a company, during buy-outs/buy-ins, and for capital rounds. In these processes we offer multidisciplinary guidance with legal assistance, fiscal assistance (fiscal optimisation of a transaction), financial assistance (e.g. help in bank negotiations and value determination), general analysis of the market, and overall guidance at negotiations. General due diligence assignments are also part of these services. We can guide the whole process: looking for opportunities for SMEs, analysis of the market and identification of relevant players, value assessment, contacts with possible buyers, guidance during the transaction, negotiation of the price and conditions, contracts, and closing. Of course, we work with our colleagues in Financial Advisory as needed.

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Strategy & Growth

Our strategy consultants help your SME to fine-tune your strategy and define your growth plans.

  • Corporate strategy
  • Customer strategy
  • Innovation strategy
  • Family strategy & governance
  • Post M&A strategy
  • Business model review
  • Strategy implementation

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