Payroll administration

Precision and legal guidance 

Payroll administration is considered by some to be a dull, but necessary cog in the wheel of business. One can even argue its unfavorable standing amongst the other departments is not in the least because of sometimes-unreliable software systems and arduous tasks related to the function. Add the rapidly changing business environment and complex legal framework in which a company is required to operate. Nevertheless, Payroll is and will remain vital to the effectiveness of your business.

Future Industry Challenges for Payroll Administration

  • Complications and a substantial extra cost when the payroll structures of local subsidiaries and recently acquired entities only coexist
  • Difficulties to keep compliant with the various (regional) legislations in Belgium
  • Need to adapt in a constantly changing world in terms of work habits (increased career mobility, telecommuting, field based jobs, flexible working schedules and job content)
  • Cost-efficiency when dealing with multiple payroll providers across various geographic regions
  • High levels of stress for payroll experts due to arduous and repetitive processes that require further automation.
  • Getting accurate and real-time reports that help the business take strategic, proactive decisions

How can we help?

Deloitte’s HRO service has various payroll subject matter experts on board that can bring value to your payroll administration. With years of experience in the payroll domain, and a high degree of familiarity with the most commonly used software systems on the market, you can fully rely on our competences. Whether you are looking for a stand-in to manage a period of transition, crisis, or if you need a sparring partner to help you transfer you payroll files and archives to a different payroll provider, our pool of consultants will help you maximize the efficiency and accuracy of these and many other payroll processes.

We will deliver on the following:

  • Manage peaks and troughs of your business
  • Prevent you from understaffing
  • Boosting your performance by our years of experience in the field
  • Optimize the effectiveness of your department
  • Temporary supply of management resources and skills