Key performance indicators (KPIs)

The highway to a better performing organisation

Tracking KPIs is not a goal on itself, it should serve a purpose. Discover our KPI workshop and evolve to a data driven organisation, monitoring the organisations' strategic objectives.

Can you relate to the following questions?

  • Which metrics can we use to monitor our strategy?
  • Which indicators should we follow up on to drive our day-to-day operations so those are in alignment with the strategic objectives?
  • What indicators should we use to empower our employees in their activities?

KPIs will empower your business by providing ready to use insights, allowing decision making based on data and getting an integrated view of the company’s performance on specific domains.

Tracking KPIs is not a goal on itself, it should serve a purpose. Ask yourself why you want to measure something!

From strategy to KPI

With a Deloitte KPI workshop, we get back to the basics. Via the following three steps, we translate the strategic objectives to relevant key performance indicators for the different organisational domains.

1. Inventory of the strategic objectives

First, we get insights in your current and future organisation model in a clear and efficient manner. In alignment, we capture your strategic objectives and targets. We need to understand your business and ambitions in order to set KPIs that challenge your business.

2. Definition of key performance indicators

In a second step, we elaborate on the different organisational domains (e.g. sales, purchase, R&D, production, marketing, finance …) and define the key leading and lagging performance indicators.
We list a clear definition, frequency, responsible and analysis path for every indicator. This list is the result of the brainstorm session that will be challenged by the experience and knowledge Deloitte has in defining key performance indicators.

3. Action plan to roll out the controlling processes

Thirdly, we present a prioritised action plan taking into account:
1. Data (availability & quality)
2. Tooling (art of the possible)
3. People (roles & responsibilities) and
4. Processes (consistency & efficiency).

As a result, after our KPI workshop, your organisation will be able to take the correct next steps in order to evolve to a data driven organisation, monitoring the organisations’ strategic objectives.

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Our Performance experts guide family businesses and their financial teams in optimising their processes and their transformation into a true business partner for the company. We have extensive expertise in the following areas:

  • Operational finance
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    – Record-to-Report
  • Business finance
    – Performance management incl. business partnering
    – Cost & profitability management
    – Budgeting & forecasting
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