From data to insights

We believe you need accurate and real-time management information to steer your business.

Insightful management reporting

Our clients consult us for questions such as:

  • Which KPIs and reports are necessary to steer my company?
  • How can insights into the profitability of my customers, shops or activities support my strategic choices?
  • How do I implement a business-driven budget process in my company?
  • How do I enable my finance employees to focus their time on analysis and interpretation of data instead of the creation of reports?
  • Which BI tool suits my needs?

Our purpose is to drive your business to profitable growth: boosting sales, controlling costs and challenging margins.

Drive your business to profitable growth

We aim to provide you with clear insights into your margin through the commercial dimensions that suit your business (client segment, sales channel, product group, projects...).

In our vision, management information is only effective if you can derive the right management actions to drive your business forward with the correct strategic focus.

Our consultants contribute by means of installing a management reporting system to support strategic decision making and risk/performance management.

Some examples of our services:

  • Delivering management insights on the profitability of customers, sales channels, projects and market segments
  • Evaluating and defining the set of management reports used within your organisation
  • Showing you in a very short timeframe what modern BI tools can do with your data: seeing is believing
  • Setting up a hands-on performance management system
  • Building the right management reporting skills and capabilities by doing and coaching

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Ulrike Debels

Ulrike Debels


Ulrike is specialised in supporting family owned companies that are in need of structural management insights or who want to accelerate the efficiency of their finance team. Hereby, the use of technol... More