Our project's DNA

Together we create better managed companies

Four elements that define the DNA of our BC&T projects

Tailored to your needs

At Deloitte we strongly believe that we can help family businesses and SMEs to flourish by using a specific approach, implemented by dedicated teams while using the expertise of our network.

Our clients ask for solutions tailored to their needs and size. This means high-quality advice based on experience and specific insights into the lifecycle of a family business. Above all, our clients expect pragmatic consultants that are able to deliver firmly on their promise.

Driven by business insights

To drive your organisation forward to where you want to be, insights into the performance of your company will help us to assess the current situation and clarify targets and goals.

Turning data into actionable business insights is a cornerstone of what we do. It helps to formulate clear business cases, measure success, support management decisions, motivate people, structure chaos, scope projects… In short: business insights help us to focus on the true value for our clients.

Leveraging technology

Today technology is an essential ingredient for a successful business model. Technology can help you to connect with your customers and keep your customers connected. Whether it is to improve the efficiency in your organisation in a controlled way or to gain new business insights using data, technology is an essential lever to empower your people, teams and customers to reach their goals.

Powered by people

We have created our unique blend of skills, exclusively for SMEs and family businesses. Our team consists of 45 professionals, both business consultants and technology specialists. This allows us to come up with concrete advice that is achievable for your business.

Next to our advisory expertise, we have the ambition "to walk the talk" by offering strong project management capabilities and technology implementation skills. Our teams take ownership of projects from idea to development and maintenance.

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