Member organisations

How can we make smart decisions in this digital world?

Are you struggling to keep your members' data current? Do some of them not receive your newsletters? Are they calling you to get certain things done?

Do you recognise yourself in following situations?

  • “Should we adjust our business model and focus more on services?”
  • "We are in a period of rapid and total transformation, are our leaders ready to guide us?"
  • "Without timely & accurate information on our membership, it is difficult to make smart decisions.”
  • "Our messaging is fragmented, inconsistent and incomplete, we need clear goals & results to assess our efforts."
  • "We should develop an elevator speech on who we are and why you should join. Today we use too many words…”
  • “Should all of our member and customer data be housed in one place?”
  • "Failure to invest in our technology and database platforms is crippling our ability to connect with and engage members.”

Membership transformation based on three pillars

Value of Membership Budget & Projects Control Lean Administration
The challenge to maintain the same amount of members year after year has become harder with a decrease in budget as a result. Members are more demanding, and evaluate the benefits before renewing/subscribing. During our research we saw that the added value is coming forth because of:

- Subscription fee: Is this a cost, or investment?

- Applications: Do they provide modern applications that can help my business?

- Leadership: Will this organisation provide me with vision in my industry? Are they on top of all latest evolutions?


The essence of a Member Organisation is to demonstrate to its stakeholders how fees & funding are being used. It's important to be vigilant and to have a clear control on the running projects:

- How is time spend?

- How is money spend?

- What is the ROI towards members and other stakeholders?

It' crucial to evolve towards an insight driven organisation culture, where ROI is controlled and reported in a transparent way.


IT-teams are struggling to cope with the constant changes and needs: many projects, many technologies and implementation partners.

Legislations force us to have stricter processes. Many organisations are struggling with outdated architectures that slows them down.

Many processes are still with paper and require the use of several disconnected IT-systems resulting in a lot manual work.

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