ConstructionERP compass 

Do you have your construction company under control?

Do you have the feeling that the administrative follow-up of your projects takes all your time? Do you think that the cooperation between your front and back office could be better? Are you not convinced of your current ERP software? Discover how the Deloitte ConstructionERP compass navigates you towards the right choices to become a more efficient project organisation.

The different phases of the construction process require a lot of time and effort from your employees: precalculating projects, making quotes, ordering materials, registering labour and machine hours, billing progressing states, checking deliveries and paying purchase invoices.

In addition, several documents must be exchanged with the architect, the owner, government agencies, etc. And we have not even mentioned the accounting that needs to be done. All these activities combined weekly consume many hours of your time.

A carefully selected and well-implemented ERP software will help you execute your processes more efficiently, significantly reducing the hours spent on administrative tasks. This enables you to focus on the growth of your company.

Deloitte helps you make the right ERP choice based on the ConstructionERP compass developed by Deloitte.

The ERP packages included in the Deloitte ConstructionERP compass

The following nine ERP suppliers were selected following intense questioning and evaluation of their solution to digitise processes in the construction industry.

  • Ad Ultima UltimAX for Construction
  • Astena Bouw365
  • Astena BouwComfort
  • Bouwsoft
  • BUILD Software
  • Centric Construction Solution
  • GMI Gbuild
  • HIT-Office
  • KPD BouwOffice Suite
  • Scapta

This is the eco system - the extent to which the ERP package works together with other powerful applications that focus on the optimisation of one particular process – an important gauge to support the maturity and future-proof quality of the requested packages.

Eco-system of a fictitious constructionERP package per process

How do we work?

Together with you we formulate the specific needs of your project organisation and translate them into a specific business case. Next we draft a shortlist of suppliers that fit your organisation and ask them to give a demo of their solution for your business case. Those demos are scored on different parametres to eventually select the solution that satisfies your needs and requirements. During the implementation phase we can support you to guarantee that the project runs as expected.

Do you recognise yourself in one of these statements? We would be happy to assist you.

  • I'm still working with pen and paper and Excel. I do not yet have an ERP software to support my processes, but am ready to implement a package.
  • At the moment, I am in the implementation phase of an ERP, but it is not going well. The expected results are not being realised. Independent guidance could help me progress.
  • I already make use of an ERP software, but I'm not satisfied with it. I would like to receive independent advice on my software package and compare it with other packages on the market.
  • I already make use of an ERP software, but it’s not integrated with other software programmes like collaboration on site, digital billing, track & trace, project reporting, planning, ... I'm looking for an independent party that can help me look broader and optimise specific processes.

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