Strengthen your cyber resilience

Cyber security tailored for SMEs and family companies

What are the consequences of cybercrime for your organisation? Can you estimate direct costs and reputational damage caused by cybercrime?

Strengthen your cyber resilience

SMEs and family businesses are investing heavily in their digital future. However, the digital world presents its own threats and risks. Hackers are increasingly targeting SMEs because it is profitable for the cybercriminal. Investing little time and knowledge, they succeed in gaining access to corporate data, opening the doors to blackmail, extortion or other criminal activities. Prevention is better than cure, even in the digital age.

An annual check-up, the basis of cybersecurity

Our hands-on approach involves conducting an annual audit in which we (1) identify risks, (2) focus on specific vulnerabilities and (3) develop an action plan, all tailored for SMEs and family companies.



Based on our methodology, we carry out a risk assessment in cooperation with you. Together we determine the approach and priorities, keeping optimal results in mind.


On-site security test

The digital security of your company is put to the test in a simulated cyberattack. The biggest risks are our primary targets. Vulnerabilities are systematically exposed.



We present our findings in an easy and understandable language. We recommend and prioritise. We help to define the security measures. Together with you, we draw up a plan for the coming year.

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