Digital Business Transformation

Discovery workshop

Manage your business better through the smart use of technology

Today's technology offers companies the opportunity to work more efficiently, to cooperate better with customers and provide more insight into customer behaviour and margin. At the same time, companies and business models are questioned and different sectors are disrupted by digital newcomers.

In order to estimate the impact on your organisation and inspire your management with new digital innovations, we are offering an intensive digital transformation workshop.

Half a day @ Deloitte Lab

  • Get to know your organisation even better
  • Be inspired by the demonstrations
  • Review the processes and tools briefly
  • Define your needs and priorities, what are the quick wins?


  • Business manager + financial manager + IT manager
  • Your Deloitte Accountant
  • Two Deloitte Digital Management Experts


  • Digital Impact Analysis: where does digitisation impact your business or cooperation?
  • Overview digital opportunities for your organisation

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