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You'll find your place in our young and diverse team of 45 technology and business specialists. We're active in different offices all over Belgium and organise a wide range of events to get to know each other and work together. 

Because we cover all kinds of a projects, every job is dynamic and will give you the opportunity to develop new skills.

Working for small entrepreneurs and SMEs means you're helping them with their big and smaller issues. It gives you the chance to build a strong and personal relationship with your clients. 


"What a diverse job! I'm working on a project at our client's office, the next I'm co-working with my team on developing the best processes to implement the most efficient IT environment. As a data-freak I'm responsible for different kinds of challenges, which I'm able to tackle in my own way." Koen, technical advisor BC&T

"My most important motivation is the clients satisfaction, during and especially after the project. The fact that we are working with SME's makes this even more important for me because i have an impact on the company that has the most devoted employees." Celine, consultant BC&T