Going towards an insight driven organisation with Qlik

QlikView 12 or Qlik Sense

Qlik Tech is ending support of QlikView 11 as of April 2018. You can continue to use QlikView 11 by all means but know that Qlik Tech will not support the product anymore.

What should you do?

In a quickly evolving BI Analytics world you can ask yourself if your business is ready to transform from a guidance driving organisation towards a self-service analytics organisation.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How is the current product used in my company?
  • Are the current reports sufficient for the business analyst to answer his questions and to complete his tasks?
  • Are the current KPIs still relevant for my business?
  • Are we fully using our company data?
  • Has my business model changed or will it in the last/coming years?
  • What is our internal roadmap for BI and analytics?
  • Are we ready to become an insight driven organisation?
  • Are my key-users ready to change, are they willing to become a self-service business analyst?

Each answer will have a different impact on your organisation.

What are my options?

QlikView, requires application development that enables analysts with minimal development expertise to build and publish powerful analytical applications. The data model and load scripts are managed by the IT department, modifications like enriching the data model with additional data requires an effort from the IT department. The time from request to report to insight will take longer.

On the other side you have self-service tools like Qlik Sense who offers interactive visualisations, storytelling and most importantly allows the analyst to self-service his reporting needs by enriching the existing data model with additional data.

Depending on the maturity of the organisation, future plans and willingness to change the organisation there are different options.

Sometimes it is hard to find the one tool that will enable all the reporting needs in the organisation, therefore a combination of QlikView and Qlik Sense is perfectly possible to fulfil these specific needs.

What's next?

Remain on the guided analytics train and upgrade your QlikView environment or become an insight driven self-service BI organisation using agile-light techniques.

Contact us for more information. With our specific knowledge we can guide you in choosing the right approach, taking your specific needs and business into account, to ensure a smooth BI transition and be future proof.

If you want to know more about Insight Driven Organisations, please check this blog post by our US colleague John Lucker.

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