IFRS integrated solutions

The Brussels IFRS Centre of Excellence offers two integrated solutions: IFRS conversion (one time) and IFRS managed services (recurring), which combine technical advice, assistance in reporting and presentations or trainings in a fit for purpose offering, tailored to your needs and your organisation.

Recurring - IFRS Managed Services

  • Maintaining the quality of your IFRS financial statements on a recurring basis, at a transparent and fixed cost
  • Proactively sharing our IFRS knowledge by proposing targeted updates to the accounting treatments or disclosures, based on IFRS developments as customised to your business
  • Taking over the compliance effort for selected closings as determined by you (e.g. not only at year-end, but also for quarterly internal reportings)
  • Adapting our IFRS assistance within your closing process in a focused and efficient way
  • Access via one point of contact to the full breadth of IFRS Services, depending on your requirements and specific events or transactions as they occur
  • May be integrated with managed services in consolidation and non-financial reporting
IFRS Services Guide

One time - IFRS Conversion

  • Brainstorming the potential impacts of a transition to IFRS and the options available depending on your needs (internal purposes such as reporting package to a shareholder, sharing with external parties such as banks or potential investors, publishing under IFRS)
  • Steering and co-driving the route towards the publication of a full set of IFRS financial statements:
    • initial discussions and guidance or trainings
    • detailed analysis of how IFRS accounting treatment from previous GAAP and computation of required restatements to the current accounting records
    • preparation of disclosures of the financial statements
    • presentation of the full set of IFRS financial statements to management, along with the overview of IFRS impacts in terms of income, cash flows and other KPIs
  • Leveraging our experience in project management to meet the target publication date, in particular in the context of an IPO
  • Adapting to your specific project needs by proposing different scope of IFRS Services based on your internal resources and your calendar

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Thomas Carlier

Thomas Carlier

Partner, Audit & Assurance

As Audit & Assurance partner, Thomas is heading the Brussels IFRS/IPSAS Centre of Excellence, a team of experts in accounting and financial reporting. With 20 years of experience in this area, he has ... More

Tom Van Havermaet

Tom Van Havermaet

Director, Audit & Assurance

Tom is an audit director and certified auditor (IBR/IRE) with almost 15 years of experience in large international audit engagements, mainly reporting under IFRS. His practical experience and hands-on... More