Moments that matter

The Brussels IFRS Centre of Excellence

The Brussels IFRS Centre of Excellence provides integrated solutions and specific IFRS services. Below is an overview of the moments that matter, where you could need some assistance in dealing with IFRS complexities.


  • Assisting in IFRS conversion and co-driving towards successful publication of a compliant prospectus

Regulator inspection

  • Documenting accounting positions in a formal memorandum
  • Assessing the importance of the regulators’ comments on the IFRS financial statements and the magnitude of the changes required

Mergers & acquisitions

  • Accounting impacts of a business combination, including identification and fair valuation of assets and liabilities of the acquired/merged entity
  • Treatment of contingencies, earn outs and goodwill
  • Determining control or significant influence on an acquired entity

New products or transactions

  • Revenue recognition according to the 5-Step Model of IFRS 15

Financial instruments

  • Use of derivatives - hedging strategies and whether hedge accounting can be applied
  • Entering into factoring agreements and other sales of receivables – determining whether the transaction can be off- balance sheet
  • Determining fair value of financial instruments
  • Determining expected credit losses for receivables and other financial assets
  • Issuing new funding instruments such as convertible bonds - classification as debt or equity and impact on covenants and KPIs

Lease contracts

  • Accounting treatment as a lessee, including determination of the lease term and the discount rate for the lease liability
  • Identification of lease arrangements in outsourcing, take-or-pay and similar contracts
  • Whether a new tool should be implemented to manage the number of contracts
  • Classification as finance or operating lease and accounting treatment by the lessor


  • Pension plans – Belgian plans subject to minimum guarantees
  • Accounting for a pension liability based on actuarial valuations
  • Stock option plans – determining fair value – recognising expense for the plan over the vesting period


  • Tax disputes and determination of tax liability based on guidance on uncertain tax positions
  • Impact of changes in tax laws and on deferred taxes at consolidated level
  • Complete overview of the group for identification of temporary differences

Restructuring or Impairment

  • When provisions shall be recorded
  • Discontinued operations and assets held for sale – how to present
  • Discounted cash flow models and important assumptions (growth rate, terminal value, WACC...)
  • Possibilities for grouping cash generating units

Reporting KPIs

  • Alternative performance measurements
  • Segment reporting
  • Cash flows presentation

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Thomas Carlier

Thomas Carlier

Partner, Audit & Assurance

As Audit & Assurance partner, Thomas is heading the Brussels IFRS/IPSAS Centre of Excellence, a team of experts in accounting and financial reporting. With 20 years of experience in this area, he has ... More

Tom Van Havermaet

Tom Van Havermaet

Director, Audit & Assurance

Tom is an audit director and certified auditor (IBR/IRE) with almost 15 years of experience in large international audit engagements, mainly reporting under IFRS. His practical experience and hands-on... More