IFRS services

IFRS conversions

IFRS services offered by the Brussels IFRS Centre of Excellence.
Preparation and presentation of the information required for the first IFRS financial statements.

Mergers & acquisitions

Identification and fair valuation of assets and liabilities to be recognised; treatment of contingencies and goodwill under IFRS 3.

Financial instruments

Recognition and derecognition of financial instruments, including off-balance character of sales of receivables; identification and measurement of derivatives and commodity contracts; fair value measurement of all types of financial assets and liabilities; effective hedge accounting strategies under IAS 39/IFRS 9; classification as debt or equity under IAS 32; disclosures under IFRS 7; fair value measurement under IFRS 13 and impact assessment of IFRS 9.

Consolidation / deconsolidation

Consolidation / deconsolidation of subsidiaries, joint arrangements and associates under IFRS 10, IFRS 11 and IAS 28.


Identification of lease arrangements in outsourcing, take-or-pay and similar contracts; classification as finance or operating lease and accounting treatment by the lessee and/or the lessor under IAS 17. Impact assessment of IFRS 16, the new leasing standard, including identifying arrangements containing a lease and accounting treatment by the lessee and/or the lessor under IFRS 16.

Employee benefits

Identification and classification of post-retirement benefit plans and actuarial valuations under IAS 19.

Stock option plans

Fair value calculations and accounting treatment under IFRS 2.

Revenue recognition

Revenue recognition according to the 5 Step Model under IFRS 15, the new revenue recognition standard effective as from 1 January 2018, including the disclosure requirements.


Recognition criteria and measurement under IAS 37, including restructuring provisions and onerous contracts.

Specific IFRS information

Related party disclosures under IAS 24; segment reporting under IFRS 8; (diluted) earnings per share under IAS 33; discontinued operations and assets held for sale under IFRS 5, interests in other entities under IFRS 12.

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Thomas Carlier

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