Fost Plus

Special mission of the statutory auditor

Parties responsible for household packaging, must inform the government on the volume of packaging brought onto the Belgian market. They also need to clarify how they have obtained the proof that their packaging has been recycled and recovered

Once a year, companies must submit this information to the IVC / CIE (Interregionale Verpakkingscommissie / Commission Interrégionale des Emballages)

Fost Plus declaration

Companies may become member of Fost Plus, an association which reports to the IVC / CIE on their behalf. Once a year, members must submit to Fost Plus details of the household packaging they have brought on the market in order to enable Fost Plus to fulfill the take-back and information obligations imposed by the IVC / CIE on their behalf.

To ensure smooth processing of data, members must ensure that Fost Plus receives their final declaration forms by 28 February at the latest.

Certification of the declaration might be requested by Fost Plus. An auditor, member of the IBR / IRE, will perform certain procedures prescribed by Fost Plus on the declaration.

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