What is a Best Managed Company?

The Best Managed Companies programme recognises private businesses which set professional standards of business performance. They are shining examples of resilient entrepreneurship and sustainable growth, resulting in a positive lasting impact on their own company, and the future of our economy.

A globally proven framework is used to assess their leadership qualities and practices in the areas of strategy, capabilities, commitment, and financial performance.

Eligible companies gain a 360 degree view of their business. With access to a dedicated Best Managed coach and exclusive networking through our community, our Best Managed Companies programme does more than recognise success—it sets a foundation for even more of it.

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Relive the Best Managed Companies celebration show

On 11 May we revealed and recognised the 2022 Belgium Best Managed Companies laureates during a unique celebration show, which was livestreamed from Maison De La Poste in Brussels. Maison De La Poste is a venue unlike any other. The renovated heritage building is a place where inspiration comes to life, the perfect setting for our celebration of the private Belgian companies that are setting the professional standards of business performance.
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    Spotlight on the 2022 laureates

    Highlights from the 2022 Best Managed Companies celebration show.

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