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Build the life you want and the benefits that go with it

Life looks different for every person. That is why we developed a Total Reward plan to suit individual’s personality, priorities and preferences.

Far-reaching rewards

At Deloitte, we commit ourselves to bringing a strong value proposition to our employees, offering a wide variety of benefits – both financial and non-financial. With our Total Reward Philosophy, we are dedicated to differentiating through the power of choice, an environment that attracts and retains the very best and brightest -- and help you achieve your potential. From health benefits to flexible work arrangements, and international opportunities to insurance, Deloitte offers a varied rewards package that you can tap into when you need it. 

And there are so many more advantages to help you better manage your total lifestyle – not just while you are at work – and reward you for being part of the Deloitte team.

Few examples of our Total Reward offering

My Benefits My Choice

My Benefits My Choice is our flexible reward plan that offers you the flexibility to tailor your package by making choices that fit your lifestyle. Whether you choose to spend it on additional vacation days so you can spend more quality time with family, support your childcare expenses, put funds towards your pension or equip your home office to enhance productivity, you have the flexibility to choose how to make your life easier.

Training and development

There’s plenty of professional opportunities available to you to support your personal and career development. Deloitte invests heavily in training and development and management is supportive of helping employees develop hard and soft skills. As part of a global firm, you will have the opportunity to work on international project assignments or eventually move abroad for a short- or long-term secondments to experience new cultures and explore the world. But ultimately, you have the flexibility and choice to customise your learning and career path.

Energise@Deloitte and Culture@Deloitte

At Deloitte, we want our people to love coming to work and enjoy collaborating with wonderful colleagues. That’s why we foster a company culture which is human, flexible, respectful and inclusive. Since employee health & wellbeing is paramount, programmes like Energise@Deloitte promote healthy habits and connects people in leisurely ways.  Of course, we also like to have fun and our corporate events, office get-togethers and Culture@Deloitte programme help us do just that. 


With our Mobility@Deloitte programme, you can choose sustainable-focused options that fits your lifestyle from electric vehicles to flexible public transportation options to bicycles to smart ways of working. Choose what long-term mobility solution is right for you. 

CSR and Deloitte Foundation

Everything we do revolves around one over-riding ethos: making an impact that matters. Through our corporate social responsibility projects and the Deloitte Foundation, we bring together a series of societal projects both in Belgium and abroad. You are welcome to participate and follow your passion.

With our Total Reward plan we want to offer you a great employee experience by providing options and opportunities which are up to you to explore. Our compensation & benefits package emphasises flexibility because we expect outstanding work from our people, and we show our appreciation accordingly.

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