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Raising the bar on flexibility

When Deloitte people talk, we listen

At Deloitte we understand that flexibility is key to you. In fact, it is at the centre of our new way of working. We want our people to be able to balance the demands of their work and their clients with other aspects of their lives.

With this goal in mind, we encourage you to engage in conversations with an open mindset and discuss different flexibility options to make it work for yourself, the client and your colleagues. It’s important to consider your specific situation and strike the right balance. Using flexibility in a smart way will create a win-win-win for us all. 

Flexible people. Flexible opportunities.

Flexibility equals fulfilment. Increasingly important to our people is reaching a meaningful balance between their professional and personal priorities through a variety of arrangements. We empower you to design an option that works for you and the business in terms of time, location and leave.

The flexibility I have at the workplace, together with the trust that I receive from both management and clients, is a great compensation and ensures that I can be there for my family at those moments that really matter.

Ellen Van den Abeele, Senior Manager, Accountancy

A flexible schedule means you can manage your agenda

There are many ways to arrange your work hours that will let you get your work done and have time for your personal responsibilities. Talk openly with your colleagues and team lead about your requirements to determine solutions that work for everyone.

A flexible workplace means you can work from anywhere

The workplace of the future is flexible. You can work at Gateway or one of our other 11 offices in Belgium, client-based or from your home office. Our technology is mobile, so you can be virtually anywhere to meet client needs and your job responsibilities.

Flexible leave means you can take time for the things that matter 

Unexpected things happen. At Deloitte, there is always the possibility to discuss flexibility options to accommodate your evolving needs.

Parents@Deloitte is a programme that provides a positive experience for our new parents by ensuring a smooth transition and offering them support throughout this life-changing event. What parents need at this time is flexibility. That’s why we created a connected environment where everyone feels comfortable to make choices that suit their private and professional lives.

I am ambitious at work, but also want to be a present father for my son. The flexibility I receive here at Deloitte enables me to be with my family for the moments that matter as well as continue to make an impact for my clients and colleagues.

Steven Trippaers, Experienced Senior, Tax

As you can see, our flexible working culture helps you build the career and life you want. Because we know that finding balance in your personal and professional life is what helps you to be at your best, and stay at your best.

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