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Innovation is one of the main drivers of success. We encourage our innovators and give innovation the space and opportunity it needs to grow.

There’s no question that today’s technologies are blazing exciting new paths. But innovation isn’t always about technology and invention. At Deloitte, it’s also about the ingenuity of our people. It’s about rethinking and recombining existing tools, methods, and ideas to achieve stunning new results. We create a workplace where people are rewarded for this kind of curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. Here, you have the freedom to be innovative—to see the world differently, develop your ideas, and realize your full potential.

We have ongoing initiatives that encourage, celebrate, award and immerse us in exponential and disruptive technologies like Innovation Fridays, Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50, Booster Programme 2.0, UNLEASH Innovation Labs and I made it happen.

Innovation isn’t always about technology and invention. At Deloitte, it’s about the ingenuity of our people.

Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50

Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 is a global competition with a local focus, highlighting the very best of Belgium’s fast-growing technology companies to give them access to a unique network of highly successful entrepreneurs, funders, and technology specialists. It has become one of the country’s leading technology award programmes, celebrating entrepreneurship and innovation. The Rising Star category celebrates the potential of companies that have been in business for less than four years as qualified by a professional jury.

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Within Deloitte we think it is very important to create a network of successful technology companies and to to open this network to the international and family business world in Belgium. This network strengthens itself through the many interactions between the technology companies, as well as through the specific growth guidance that Deloitte provides for many of these companies.

Nikolaas Tahon, Managing Partner Deloitte Private 

Innovation Fridays & Evenings

Innovation Fridays and Evenings is range of sessions to showcase innovative ideas coming to learn how innovation is being rolled out in our firm, about the cutting-edge technology we’re working with, and how innovative tools are being developed for our people and clients. These interactive sessions are open to all Deloitte professionals. Topics range from updates on our foundational innovation programmes to deep dives on exponential and disruptive technologies. 

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Innovation needs to be in the DNA of a business. At Deloitte, it used to be ad hoc. Now we have a more structured innovation system that encourages inspiration, then captures and develops ideas.

Guido Vandervorst, Partner Risk Advisory and Innovation Lead

Booster programme 2.0

The Booster Programme is driven by our ambition to stimulate the Belgian economy and encourage innovation in new technologies. The annual initiative attracts many candidates: young Belgian technology companies active in analytics, digital, cyber security, and the Internet of Things. 

Those selected benefit from 50 days of free Deloitte support, mentoring by Deloitte executives, and access to the extended Deloitte network. 

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UNLEASH Innovation Labs

UNLEASH is a non-profit initiative aiming to address the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations in 2015. Working with individuals, companies, NGOs, government agencies, investors, and foundations, the objective is to accelerate next-generation ideas.

UNLEASH kicked off in Copenhagen in August 2017 with a global innovation lab, bringing together 1,000 young international talents to innovate and collaborate on new solutions to meet the world’s most pressing challenges. 50 Deloitte practitioners from around the world – among them a Belgian colleague – travelled to Singapore to make an impact by joining UNLEASH. This ambitious global initiative was set up to provide innovative, implementable, and scalable solutions to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

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I made it happen

From blockchain to crowdsourcing and new benefits solutions to digital transformation, Deloitte is breaking ground with technology and solutions. “I made it happen” celebrates those who have made an impact by driving innovation in our firm. Read on to learn more about the personal accounts from our people who are innovating by doing. Discover the projects that inspire our people and clients, and offer opportunities to build new skills.

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