Performance Management

A people business. Really.

Our performance management process provides a clear shared understanding of expectations for a particular role as well as what it will take to move on to the next level.

Our competency model reflects what we determine as critical for success and aims at adding value within 3 dimensions: clients, talent and firm. Quality conversations on each dimension drive the development of our people both on their professional results and on their behaviour as client advisors, coaches and coachees.


Development tools

Our development tools are directly matched with our competency model and offer a flexible approach to learning. For example, our e-learning programmes have grown in popularity significantly and are being used both for technical learning sessions and for self-development.



Our 70-20-10 model suggests that 70% of learning occurs through on-the job mentoring, 20% of learning occurs through organised coaching and development planning, and 10% of trainings should be formal (classroom).

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