She Loves to Code

Diversity within Tech

Deloitte Belgium is co-organising the event "She Loves To Code" in collaboration with School 19 and Women In Tech.Brussels. This event is reserved to women and offers an introduction on coding languages (Bash, Shell, C, HTML, etc.) with hands-on workshops and opportunities to meet other women working or aspiring to work in Technology.

During the week of October 8 till 14, Women in Tech organizes the Women Code Festival in Brussels. Women In Tech is a platform that aims to promote gender-equality in the high tech world and create awareness on the professional opportunities for women in this sector. As the IT sector offers a fastly growing amount of promising jobs where also women play an important role, multiple workshops, initiations, lectures and networking events will take place across Brussels to introduce all ins & outs of coding in an accessible way and empower women in the digital industry. As part of the festival, 19 is organizing "She Loves To Code" in collaboration with Deloitte Belgium and Women in Tech.Brussels. The events are reserved to women and dedicated to the discovery of coding and the high-tech sector, with great opportunities to meet women entrepreneurs in Technology sharing their experiences.

Deloitte and Women in Tech share the commitment to make a difference so that everyone has the possibility to succeed. Their vision is to promote a brand that enables to connect with world-class talent and role models, to foster a culture of inclusion where all of our people feel like they belong, and to provide opportunities for our people to grow personally and professionally, and with purpose.


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